Drama Offer and Accept


What is improvisation?
Improvisation is making something up on the spot. It doesn’t matter how many people are improvising but when it comes together it all has to make sense.

Explain these four concepts and why they are important to improvisation

-Always accept, don’t block
You can accept by doing something related to what the other person said or adding on to it. for example iff somebody says “It’s coming!” and you say “no it isn’t”, that will be a block and there will be no scene. But if you say “Oh yeah! run”, that will make a scene because you added on to what they said.

-Name it
Say the obvious because if you say “it’s coming!” nobody will know what you’re talking about even if you’re talking about aliens but if you say the aliens are coming it will make sense.

-Share the story
Sharing the story is basically staying in the same story after a new scene or line. If someone says “run” and then you say “look at the unicorn” it wouldn’t make sense because you are talking about something totally different than what the other person said.

-Stay in character
Staying in character is staying who you are supposed to be. For example if someone is in the middle of a line and you start laughing, it might distract the audience and the person talking and they might start laughing too, which could mess up the scene.

How did you use offer and acceptance in your improvisation?
I used offer and acceptance by accepting other people’s offers and when offering, pointing at something and letting my partner know that they should accept my offer.

In what ways could I improve my performance and my improv skills?
I could improve my improv skills by thinking up ideas faster to not waste time. I could also improve my improv skills by not laughing when a funny part is happening.

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