Drama – Singing in the Rain Analysis

He used his props effectively by making it look more abstract and effective on the audience by making them think about what he is trying to say to the audience.  Mostly he used his umbrella. He used his umbrella by using it as a guitar, and using it as a girl that he is pretending to dance with as well as the street lamp or pole. He also used his hat, the puddles and his shoes to show his emotions. He used his hat by taking it off and shouting to the rain happily, and he used his shoes to jump into the puddles.

The beat in the song is fast and his footsteps show the beat but you can’t hear his footsteps when he is just walking. When he is tap dancing you can hear his footsteps and they are really quick and upbeat which shows his emotions effectively.

His expression is happy or romantic. His movements show that by it’s upbeat and quick rhythm. You can also see it in his facial expression which is most of the time happy or joyful. When he sees the police, his expression is cautious or worried.

Here is Singing in the Rain:

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