Art Unit 2 Reflection

I feel like I did a good job on balancing the positive and negative space to make it all unify. I also feel like I did a good job on creating an interesting design. One idea I am proud of is that I made a hockey stick on the side of the motif so that It would interlock and also make the positive and negative spaces more even. It also made my design even more interesting. One solution I am proud of is that part of my motif didn’t interlock so I carved a bit more on one side and a bit less on the other side. If I could redo this project again, I would measure the lines more carefully so that the whole motif would interlock. For example since I didn’t measure my lines carefully, I had to carve more on one side of the line and less on the other because the motif didn’t interlock. Also, when I was carving, I rushed a bit so the motif didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. For example, the death star is almost flat on one side when I wanted it to me more of a roundish shape. Part of the death star that I was happy about is that in the death star there is the laser part. I am proud of this laser part because that part for me was the hardest part of the motif. I also feel like if I had a smaller blade, I would have been able to do it better. That would give the audience more of an idea that it is the death star and I like Star Wars.


I experimented with my sketches to help develop my motif ideas. Experimenting with my sketches helped my design by trying new things and seeing if I liked them. That helped me see what I liked about an idea and transferring it into another sketch. Experimenting with sketching also helped my motif by giving me new ideas for a new sketch that I could add to my motif. This also helped me when my motif got critiqued by my classmates to see if I could improve my sketches in any way. For example, I wanted to add a second personal interest. First, I tried adding a circle in the middle for the death star but that didn’t look good. Then, I realized that the sides of my motif didn’t have anything to interlock so I added a death star to both sides. After that I thought it would be cool to have half of the death star on one side and the other half on the other. I liked that. That idea that came out of experimenting with my sketches ended up being in my final motif.


My cultural influence is Celtic. You can see this on the top, sides and bottom of my motif when you look at the overlapping lines. I chose a Celtic cultural influence because I thought it would be really cool and interesting if I added some overlapping lines to my motif. Celtic designs mean life and eternity. My personal interests are hockey and Star Wars. You can see my hockey interest by looking at the interlocking hockey sticks on the top and the bottom. You can see my Star Wars interest by looking at the interlocking death star on the sides of the motif. I chose hockey for one of my personal interests because it is my favourite sport. I also think hockey is really interesting because it is really diverse and there is really no other sport like it. I chose Star Wars as my other motif because the Star Wars movies are one of my favourite movies of all time. I chose the death star because I think it is really interesting that the dark side can build something in space that blows up planets.


In my motif I used many thick lines for the celtic influence. I also used a circle inside of a bigger circle for the death star. For my design I chose red and light orange. I chose these colours because they have contrast but they also look good together. yes, I did create a unified colour plan. On the top and bottom middle and sides middle I did red on light orange, on the corners, I did purple on yellow. and in the middle I did blue on light green. My motif interlocks on the top, bottom and sides. The interlocking lines of my motif are a few millimetres off, so they do not interlock completely.





(1) In Paragraph 1 you evaluate your process and artwork.

  • STRENGTHS: What did you do very well? What ideas and solutions are you proud of?
  • WEAKNESSES: What would you do differently if you did this project again? How would you change your motif?

(2) In Paragraph 2 you explain your creative thinking.

  • Choose one of these examples: solving a problem, experimenting with sketching, using imagination, visualizing an alternative possibility, thinking independently, attempting an unusual solution or idea, considering another perspective.
  • Explain how it helped you develop your project ideas.

(3) In Paragraph 3 you explain the cultural influence and the personal interest that you included in your artwork.

  • What is your cultural influence? What is your personal interest? Describe them in detail.
  • Why did you choose them?
  • Why are they important to you? Be specific!

(4) In Paragraph 4 you evaluate your artwork’s elements (lines, shapes, colors) and principles (pattern, unity).

  • Describe the types of lines and shapes you used in your artwork. Name them.
  • Describe the colors you used in your artwork. Name them. Why did you choose these colors?
  • Did you create a unified pattern with your color plan? Is it ordered or random?
  • Is your artwork interlocking? How accurate is your interlocking?

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