Art Unit 3 Reflection

Paragraph 1:

The subject of my painting is Julius. I chose Julius because he has always been a close friend even when he was living in India in third grade and fourth grade. I also chose Julius because he is really funny and I admire that. I also sometimes play with him outside because our houses are so close together. My painting expressed Julius’ love for sports and soccer in particular. You can see this in the background because it is Julius’ favourite soccer team’s (Bayern Munich) stadium (Allianz Arena). In the stadium, you can see a lot of black. This represents some of Julius’ personalities: mystery and power which both are represented by black. In my painting, I made Julius’ face very simple. This represents that Julius is sometimes very simple and doesn’t need much to survive. In the sky, I used a lot of white. This symbolizes joy and faith. Julius is mostly happy and I know I can trust him so I used white to symbolize those traits.


PARAGRAPH 1. Explain the subject of your painting.

  • Who is the subject? Why did you choose this person? Why are they important to you?
  • What did you express about this person? (example: their personality? something they like or are interested in? something they did or achieved? their feelings or emotion?) BE SPECIFIC.


Paragraph 2

The elements in my painting are Subject and Setting. I chose to paint Allianz Arena in the background because Allianz Arena is where Julius’ favourite soccer team, Bayern Munich plays. Allianz Arena is a symbol of our common interest and connection to Julius. It is also a symbol to Julius’ dedication to soccer. The soccer field in Allianz Arena represents what Julius would do in his spare time. Vincent van Gogh influenced my painting. One example of how Vincent van Gogh influenced my painting is by the placement of Julius on my painting. In Vincent van Gogh’s paintings, his subject is placed on the left ant the the subject is looking to the right. Since the background picture that I wanted to duplicate had more to show on the left than the right, I flipped it so that Julius was facing the left on the right side of the painting. Another way that Vincent van Gogh influenced my painting is by the little dots in the background. Since there are large crowds and many fans at Allianz Arena, I thought that I could use those dots to show all the fans and exaggerate how big Allianz Arena actually is.


PARAGRAPH 2. Explain how you communicated your ideas.

  • Which 2 or 3 pictorial elements did you use to express your ideas? Describe each one in detail. What does each of these elements express about your subject? BE SPECIFIC.
  • What artist or movement or style influenced you? How did you use this influence in your painting.GIVE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES.

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