Dragon Days Reflection

For the last two days, grade 7 and 8 worked on a project to help the school in a way. This is a reflection for this project.

Designing our project was… Exciting but also hard. When we got a really good Idea, I felt excited because it feels good to have one. Hard because when we didn’t have an idea, we all were thinking hard for a new one.
Reasons I liked working with my group I liked working with my group because we all contributed in at least one way. Also all of my group was very friendly and wasn’t shy to contribute new ideas.
ATL skills that I used well We all communicated and collaborated very well. All of our group got along with each other. We also each had at least one very good idea to contribute to the group
Great moments along the way A great moment along the way was when we were all having fun but working hard at the same time for our last two periods to work on our project. That made the deadline make me less stressed out because usually if I have a deadline soon I get stressed out.
One thing I learned from another group One thing i learned from another group was to not only do the plan of the roof, but to make a google presentation to go along with it. This Improved our project because I think that the presentation made us realize that we had to add a lot more detail.
Next time, I will Next time I will get our Idea done with the first thing we do. This time, we only got our Idea done by the end of the first two periods in the auditorium. That would give us more time to work on the project.
Something awesome that I contributed Something that I contributed to the group was the original problem of the high schoolers kicking the balls on the playground and hurting people.