Puppetry With Lee Randall

In drama class, we had a session with Lee Randall to learn and do puppetry. I learned many things from him including how to use and manipulate a puppet in a way that It will feel alive to you and the audience.

One thing that I learned is that the eyes are the most important part of a puppet. This is because they draw the most focus. The lead puppeteer is always the person controlling the head because that changes where they are looking and sometimes the puppet’s facial expressions. Another important part of making a puppet look alive is controlling the puppet’s breaths. People do this by exaggerating the breath so that the audience will notice it more and that will lead them into believing that the puppet is real.

Before this opportunity, we had a chance to practice for this. For example, before Lee Randall came, we got into threes, one person would be the puppet and the other two would manipulate the puppet. In PE we learned about using levels to get more attention. We used this in puppetry because you have to use levels to make it more obvious about what the puppet is doing and to get to know the puppet’s weight.

Here are some photos of when and before Lee Randall came:

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