Adam Turner, a successful lawyer, believes that child labour is a major problem in our society today in history. “In these factories, children are being forced to spend almost 24 hours working the machines which are extremely dangerous and can cause many injuries, in some cases, fatal. Child labour will hurt the next generation, because these poor children will not have time to go to school, and therefore not learn life’s valuable lessons.”


I believe that this case is especially important because I strongly believe that if these poor children keep working in these dangerous factories, they will be truly traumatised because of many kids┬ádying right in front of their faces. People tell me that these kids can learn how to be responsible through these factories, but I strongly disagree with this. School both gives us knowledge, but also teaches us life lessons. Although running these hard machines takes a lot of effort to run, and this makes them work their hardest, they are being forced to run these machines. I could imagine what these children are thinking, wanting to get out of the factories, and living life to it’s fullest. Although these factories are helping the economy, there will be NO economy because the children of our country are stuck in factories working, instead of learning how our country works.


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