Chicken Wing Dissection

In class, we dissected a chicken wing. We took off the skin and observed the muscles, ligaments, and tendons.


The chicken and human both have some similarities when it comes to the arm. Both have the same type of joints in the arm. Both have ball in socket joints for the shoulder and hinge joints for the elbow.

One other similarity between the human and chicken arm is the way the muscles work. When the arm of a chicken contracts, then the bicep gets bigger and hard, while the tricep relaxes. When the arm of the chicken stretches, the bicep and tricep pretty much switch what they do, because the bicep relaxes and the tricep gets harder and bigger.


There are not many differences between the human arm and the chicken arm. One of the main differences is that for the wrists, chickens have hinge joints whereas we have ball in socket joints.

Here is a timelapse and some photos from the dissection:

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