I&S U1 Reflection – Empires

Backward Looking

In what ways have you gotten better at this kind of work?

I feel like I have gotten better at this type of work in many ways. I feel like the most improved skill is knowing what websites are reliable and which ones are not. I have also gotten better at communicating with my partner instead of just focusing on working and not talking at all with my partner. I also used to get distracted a lot and and end up doing a lot at home. I feel like I have definitely minimised the number of times that I got distracted.

Inward Looking

How do you feel about this piece of work? What parts do you particularly like? Dislike? Why? What did you enjoy about this piece of work?

I feel like this work was very detailed. We each participated a lot so both of our thinking helped us with a lot of the detail. Some parts of this work that I particularly liked about this piece of work is that it has both Sophie and my points of view in the presentation. Even though some days that we had I&S Sophie was sick, I still covered the work that we were going to do because we both were very focused on our work and not very often would we get distracted.

Outward Looking

What is one thing you want other people to notice when they look at your work?

I would like other people to notice that this piece of work was very detailed because both of our opinions were on that presentation. Also, both Sophie and I participated in this work a lot. Even though some days that we had I&S, Sophie was sick, I still did the work that we were going to do if Sophie was here.

Forward Looking

What’s one goal you would set for yourself for next time?

I would like to spend a little more time working on the project from home so that I or we can get an even better grade. I would also like to minimise the times that I get distracted even more. I feel this way because during that time that I am distracted, I or we could have got some more work and get an even better grade.


Here is  the research sheet that Sophie and I used in for the Empires project this year.

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