SLC ATL Skills – Grade 7


We have had quite a bit of collaborative assignments, and I think that I demonstrated collaboration well in many of them. For example, Sophie and I had a presentation on Spain’s influence on Cuba. During this project, Sophie and I evenly split the work and got it done much more efficiently than we would have done if we worked on and researched the same things. Another example of collaboration is during the Two Weeks With The Queen video in English. We would split up the roles, what we wrote on the doc, and adding notes to the script.  I still believe that I can improve on my collaboration skills. I could do this by working with other people than I usually do and that will lead to expanding my comfort zone.




I think that I have showed good communication skills in many subjects. One project to show this, would be in drama where he had to mime a story of our own. Charlie and I chose the story of Harambe because we felt like this would be an interesting story to mime. During the performance, we would have little keys as a marker for when someone would do something. We would both expect it to be coming so we were always prepared. Another example of communication is through the dance in P.E, when we had to create a little dance for 40 seconds, we had to communicate when we taught each other our made up dances, we would also have markers for when to do things in the music.




Many projects this year have required research in order to get it done. For example, in science, we had to research what materials are used in technology, and where and how they were used. I did my blogpost on the iPhone 6s. In order to collect useful information, it was key to find reliable websites. Since you use these websites, it was required to cite these sources fully. I think that I could even further develop my research skills by using a wider range of sources than mostly School EB. I feel like I did a good job on that during this project because there was nothing like it on School EB.


Self Management 

I believe that I showed good self management skills in music for the practice journals. Every week we had to do 2 practice journals showing what you practiced, including the warmup, and an exercise you can pick from youtube or a book. I also showed good self management skills in Japanese and math. In both of these subjects we used charts. In Japanese, we would get a sticker if we didn’t speak a lot of English in that class. If we got 10 stickers, we get a period to do whatever we want. In math, we had a chart showing which subjects on algebra we completed. If we ever didn’t know what to do, we could just look at the chart and that would show what to do next.





I  think that I showed thinking skills during design’s criterion A. I think this because criterion A required you to think about what key features make a character good and acceptable to their audiences. I think that I can improve on this because I will often not be creative with the way I present information. I think that I can think of new and different ways to present my information, that will be more interesting.


Expedition Reflection – November

Two weeks ago we went on the 7th Grade Expedition. Here is my reflection.

I enjoyed many things during Expedition including hanging out talking late night in our room. I think that I did well on talking to many people that I don’t usually hang out with. I think some challenges I faced are that I didn’t get to talk to my close friends very often because most of the time we were split up into other groups. I think some of my favourite parts was the mountain biking and the hiking. I think that this is because I had earlier experience on it before. Overall I think that expeditions went well.

Dragon Days Reflection

For the last two days, grade 7 and 8 worked on a project to help the school in a way. This is a reflection for this project.

Designing our project was… Exciting but also hard. When we got a really good Idea, I felt excited because it feels good to have one. Hard because when we didn’t have an idea, we all were thinking hard for a new one.
Reasons I liked working with my group I liked working with my group because we all contributed in at least one way. Also all of my group was very friendly and wasn’t shy to contribute new ideas.
ATL skills that I used well We all communicated and collaborated very well. All of our group got along with each other. We also each had at least one very good idea to contribute to the group
Great moments along the way A great moment along the way was when we were all having fun but working hard at the same time for our last two periods to work on our project. That made the deadline make me less stressed out because usually if I have a deadline soon I get stressed out.
One thing I learned from another group One thing i learned from another group was to not only do the plan of the roof, but to make a google presentation to go along with it. This Improved our project because I think that the presentation made us realize that we had to add a lot more detail.
Next time, I will Next time I will get our Idea done with the first thing we do. This time, we only got our Idea done by the end of the first two periods in the auditorium. That would give us more time to work on the project.
Something awesome that I contributed Something that I contributed to the group was the original problem of the high schoolers kicking the balls on the playground and hurting people.