My Goals


My goals for this year are to work more with other people when I have the chance in class and to be more organized. I can do this by using my locker more, and by memorizing my schedule.



Goal #4 Success!

So far, I feel like I have completed my goal but I can always improve. My friends told me that I have done a good job.

Goal #4

My goal is to participate more in class discussions. I will do this by:

  1. Giving thoughtful suggestions.
  2. Think about what the teacher is saying
  3. Trying not to get distracted by my friends

Goal #3

My goal is to become a better friend. These 10 things are the most important things I would like to be and what I would like to see in a friend.

1. Caring/Kind/Respectful
2. Honest
3. Funny
4. Irritating
5. Helpful
6. Supportive
7. Care about WHO not what you are
8. Generous
9. Listens to you
10. Never lets you down

Goal #2

At field studies, my goal is to invite other people to my group if they are all alone. I will get eyewitnesses to prove that I have achieved my goal.


Goal #1

I would like to keep my locker organized and keep everything where it needs to be so I don’t forget things.

I will take a picture of me organizing my locker so people will know that I have accomplished my goal.

17th September. Here is a picture of my locker now.



8th October. I think I have done a good job of keeping my locker organized. It has been easy finding the stuff that I need for the day and then putting it into my backpack.


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