February 20

The Cause Of The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was caused by a variety of different things but the main reason is that people wanted to find a way to do jobs in everyday life more efficiently and quickly. This led to the idea to create machines to do most of the work people. One example is that people would create machines to do agricultural work for them in fields. This made it so that not as many people had to stay in rural areas to make crops. Because of this people were able to move to the city where they made factories to mass produce things. This kept on spreading throughout England and eventually ended up being the Industrial Revolution.



November 21

Gold in a MacBook Air

Today I will present my research that I have done on Conflict Minerals. I decided to research about the Gold that is used in the MacBook Air’s that we use in school. Gold is one of the 4 main minerals that are used in technology. The 3 T’s (Tin, Tungsten, and Tantalum) and Gold. I will be explaining the problems with using gold in MacBook Air’s and my recommendations toward the school.

Gold makes a very important part of the MacBook Air, the wires. Gold is used in the wires because it conducts electricity well, it also is hard to rust which makes the wires more durable, and it is easy to bend and change form. Gold is mined all over the world. The biggest mines though are located in Pacific countries such as Indonesia, China, and Australia. But most of the conflict occurs in mines in Africa.

Gold is one of the most valuable minerals in the world. Because of this Gold is extremely expensive and the money gained from the gold could be used for bad purposes. In military-led mines in Africa, the minerals are usually smuggled across borders and then with the money gained these groups fund their military campaigns. This is a good example of what conflict minerals are.

Another big problem with mining large amounts of gold and using them in our technology is ethical issues. Which is obvious when you are digging enormous holes in the ground. Some of these issues are erosion, the formation of sinkholes, loss of biodiversity, and contamination of soil, groundwater, and surface water by chemicals from mining processes. Many of these issues have been occurring a lot these past years in areas with large mines.

Because gold is used on the MacBook Air the MacBook is expensive. The school has to spend a lot of money every year when they buy these computers. These MacBook Air’s cost more than the average computer because they contain more of these expensive minerals. This is another big problem for the school.

But even though there are many negative effects with gold inside the MacBook Air and its cost, I have some recommendations for the school that might be able to help solve some of these problems. Here are some of the recommendations.

One solution could be to buy computers from companies that use conflict-free minerals. One example would be Intel. Intel funds the mines in Congo where it gets its minerals from so that rebel groups would not be able to take over them and tax them because the mines would be owned by Intel and the people that work there would not be that poor.

Another solution to this problem is to buy computers that are cheaper than the MacBook Air. For primary school students, they do not need the latest technology to use when they do not use it that often. Windows and other computer making companies offer their computers for a much cheaper price than what the MacBook Air is sold for.

One more solution to this problem would be to just buy less of these products. Kids that do not use this technology could share between 2 to 3 kids. Also in secondary school instead of buying new MacBook Air’s every year, we could try to reuse these computers even more than we currently. MacBook Airs last a long time and for 6 and 7th grade we could get the old ones that the high schoolers used because we don’t use it as much yet.

I think that if we are able to make these solutions come true I think that we might be able to prevent conflict in mines in Africa. Also for the school, we would not have to pay so much money each year to give everybody the newest technology. Thank you.



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November 8

INS Empires Reflection

1.In what way have you gotten better at this kind of work?

I think that I have gotten better at this kind of work in many different ways. I can now cite images better than I used to and I was able to get better images from the internet by using google search.

2. What were your standards for this work?

I wanted to at least get a 6 and a 6 in this project. But this was the minimum so I wanted to get a 7 or 8.

3. What grade would you give it? Why?

I would give my work a 8 and a 8. I think that we were able to meet all of the criteria on the TSC and we did a good job writing the script and choosing our images.

4. One thing I would like to improve on is…

Using easy bib to cite my images so that I can make them MLA easily.


September 13

Dragon Days Reflection


Designing our project was… Very hard because we could not get any good ideas.
Reasons I liked working with my group We talked a lot about our project and worked well together
ATL skills that I used well Communication, Collaboration, Organization
Great moments along the way When we finally came up with a problem after thinking for an hour.
One thing I learned from another group That our group was overthinking everything .
Next time, I will Try to contribute more to what we were doing.
Something awesome that I contributed Making the video to present our idea.


June 13

Zoo Builder Review

I learned by playing this game that you need to have good strategy to earn money. Also I learned that it takes a long time at times to get money. I think that the audience of this game is kids that are learning about economics.I think that people should play this game because it teaches you a lot about how the real world works and that it takes strategy and time to get a lot of money. The point of this game was to teach people about how the political world works. I think that the game was lots of fun, I think that it would be more fun if they put more levels because it is kind of short. Also I would reccomend this because 2 of the levels have nothing to do with economics and aren’t even fun. But overall I would rate this game a thumbs up.

June 10

Art Unit 3 Reflection





The person I painted in my portrait is my grandmother. I chose my grandmother as my subject because she is an very important person to me. She has taught me many things about life and I only se her once an year so I would wanted to draw her in a portrait to remember her. In my portrait I tried to express my grandmothers love of nature by using the art style surrealism. Also because she especially likes birds I used a lot of birds in my painting. My grandmother is a very nice person and I expressed that by choosing a warm colour paper and using a lot of warm coloured paint.

The pictorial elements I used in my portrait to express my grandmother were colour and setting.Warm Colours represent positive things and Cool Colours represent negative things. Mostly all of the colours I used in my portrait were warm colours to show that my grandmother is a very nice person and is always positive about things.  Setting is the background of a portrait or were it is set. I used setting in my portrait to express where my grandmother lives because she lives in the plains and there are not many tall buildings and it is very rural there. The art style that influenced me was surrealism. Surrealism is a style were as the name saids you express things by purposely making something not look real. I used this in my portrait by making the eyes suns, the mouth a birds nest and the hair a forest. By doing this I think that I was able to express my grandmother well.

June 2

Drama Audio Movie Trailer Reflection

For our trailer I think that me and Louis did a good job on making the sound track. We had to edit it for a long time to get the timing the music changes. Also we did a good job on voice overs because we got the volume of the voices and the music just right so you could hear both.

My best skill was making the music because all of the music fit the voices and the situation. For suspense paces we put exiting music and on funny parts we put comedy music. I think that I could improve on saying more parts in the script because I only said 2 lines when I could have said more in order to make the trailer better. I would rate our movie trailer a 7 out of 8 because I think that it sounded like an official movie trailer because we did a good job on the music.


The Dad

This movie trailer was very interesting because they used different voice sand they used suspense music that really made the person listening want to learn more. I also liked it because there were many different voices involved and it showed that there was going to be many characters.

June 1

Summer Economics Plan


Summer Money Plan

By Kai.B

Research Question How much money can I save in 2 weeks?
Analyze Question I think that this is a good question because I have not done chores in my life and I want to. Also I want to buy a new soccer ball because my current one has a hole in it. This is a good plan also because by looking at the amount of money I earned I can decide if I want to continue doing chores for the house and get paid.
My Plan Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.11.45 PM
Currency and Chores The currency that I am going to get paid in by doing chores is yen. There will be no converting involved.

These are the chores I will be doing and amount of money I will be willing to do them for.

  • Cleaning the Bath 100yen
  • Taking the garbage out 100yen
  • Getting the newspaper 80yen
  • Vacuuming the house 200yen

If I do the calculations it shows that I would earn 6720 yen in 2 weeks. With this money I would like to buy a new soccer ball. I can do this because one soccer ball costs 4,580 yen.

Sources Amazon

Summary: My  economics plan is to get a benefit of money doing chores for a higher demand than the average amount a 12 year old would be supplied by doing these chores. The cost for this is that I will have to do chores for 2 weeks in order to get the desired item I wanted witch in this case was a soccer ball at the price of 4,580 yen. By doing the calculations I figured out that I would earn 6,720 yen by continuously doing these chores for 2 weeks. The calculations were easy because there is no exchange rate required. This will be more money than my regular allowance.

Will I do This Plan?

Yes I would because I get a huge amount of money. Also I get enough to be able to buy myself a soccer ball. But  I think that it would be hard doing these chores for 2 weeks.