Design ATL

In Design class I have been working very well to get the best grades and that has worked. I am proud of how hard I work in class. Design is fun Because we get to make stuff and have relaxing classes. I redesign Laa-Laa from Teletubbies because i thought the original was to fat and small. My TSC Class Padlet

Science ATL

In Science we did a stopping distance. what we had to do was get a angle for a white board for the car to roll down on then have something stopping the car at the end. I kept the stopping object the same but the weight in the car was heavier every time. It was fun to see how physics works and how far the car could roll.

Math reflection

I think I worked well with the sticker math. It helped me because I was trying had to earn a sticker and try to be at the top. I earned a lot of stickers but I could not be at the top saddled. It was really fun. Because I got me working very hard to earn Stickers.


Video Link

In P.E we did a Dance Unit and the song that we chose to dance to was Scream and Shout. My partner was Toby. It was really fun to show how good we are at dancing and to show how much we love it. In the creative Minute me and toby just away from each other to seem like there was a explosion in-between us.

This was my favorite part because we were acting like there was an explosion and it seems realistic when watching the video.

Science What elements are in our technology (batterys

For this research project the technology that I am researching is the iPhone 6. The company that produces this product is apple. In the apple store the phone costs around $300 (34083.75 Yen). The elements that are inside the iPhone 6 Battery are Lithium, Graphite, cobalt, Aluminum. What the lithium and Cobalt are used for is the battery its self to power the Iphone 6 and it is lithium cobalt oxide battery (LiCoO2). What the Graphite and Aluminum it is used for the the casing for the battery.

One problem is that when we want to recycle our technology (not just our phone but computer) we  sometimes think that we are recycling correctly but actually the waste gets send to Africa (Ghana). In Ghana the people take the technology waste and burn it to be able to harvest the elements. But when they burn the technology some of the elements are poisonous lead and mercury and then if they breath in the smoke later they could get very sick and this is not just a health problem but also an education and environment problem. The environment problem is that when they burn the technology they just leave the waste there and now there is a ton of waste because this process has been happening for years now. Because of all this waste the rivers have now been polluted and the animals in the environment are getting sick because all of the waste.

another  problem is that the mines in Africa, Congo where we get the recourses out to make our phones are being run by . These warlords have Children and Men as there slaves who mine all of the materials for them and mine a lot of the day. These slaves do not get paid what so ever they only get a small amount of water and food each day so that they can keep on working harder and more which is a really big safety problem. The warlords have smuggling routes to be able to export them to  to factories in Asia (China, India and more) where other materials from other places around the world all come together. Because of that it is hard to know which materials came from where so it hard to filter out the illegal. The warlords used to generate$185 million a year which is bad for the economy because if the elements and compound were mined by the government the countries would be a lot economy stable and more advance so they are getting a bit more paid then the average.


Apple has already Made a Robot that deconstructs an iphone into different parts Like Screen, battery, circuit board, camera and more. This is a grate thing that they did but one problem with that is they need to make a new one every time they make a new iphone. other solution is that we can keep the Computer in the school becuase we will not need to keep on buying new one every 1 or 2 years.



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I&S reflection on Empires unit

How much did you know about the subject before we started?

I did not know much about any empire except for the german a little. Because of our first unit


Did you meet your standards?

Yes I did and it was to help my partner a lot and be useful and I think I achieved that.


What grade would you give it? Why?

A 6 because we were kinda late so we had to rush it so it was not that good but still ok.


One thing I would like to improve upon is …

Being Organized and staying focused

YIS Camp reflection

What did I enjoy? I enjoyed Mountain biking

What did I do well? I think i did good at listening when the teachers or staff was talking.

What challenges Did i face? Meeting new people that i did not know and going on the left side of rock climbing

What did I learn about living and working in a community? You cant only think about your own answer you need to listen to other people.

How did I grow? I learnt about caring for other people and being a risker.

Why are the Expeditions an important part of our schooling? so we can learn how to be open minded