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The Cause of the Industrial Revolution

(Railways, Agricultural Productions, Industrial Production, Iron Smelting, Coal Extraction, Steam Power) I think all five of these contributed in causing the Industrial Revolution, but the most important was coal extraction. Coal extractions helped with the railways, steam power, and the… Continue Reading →

Grade 7 Showcase Portfolio

COMMUNICATION: We use communication in Art, Design, and Math. In Art and Design, we have to give feedback to other students about their work. The feedback can be one question or a whole paragraph we have to write about how… Continue Reading →

Dissecting a Pig’s Eye With Yestin

Conflict Minerals in your iPhone

For this project I’ve decided to research on iPhones. The company that makes iPhones is Apple. We use iPhones (and other phones too) mostly to call or text our friends and family. Phones all have a network provider, which they… Continue Reading →

I&S unit one reflection

backward looking How much did you know about the subject before we started? I didn’t know very much about empires and colonization before we started but I’ve learned a lot from this unit and now I know about how they… Continue Reading →

Japanese with Pia

Japanese with Connor

Drama Important Person Speech Reflection

  I think that my strength was speaking clearly. When I watch the video I can understand myself because I am speaking loud enough. My biggest weakness was that I looked at my palm cards for long periods of time…. Continue Reading →

Unit 2 Art Reflection

Strengths & Weaknesses This unit the thing I am most proud of is my printing. I re-did it alot because my print didn’t turn out well, but in the end i figured out just the right amount of paint and… Continue Reading →

Japanese with Langston

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