G7 Conflict Minerals in YIS Technology


We human beings use technology in daily basis. These electric devices such as smart phones and computers require things called conflict minerals.  For this project the technology I chose is the Iphone. The company that produces this is Apple. The average cost of the Iphone is 262$ in Asia, 419$ in Europe, 531$ in North America, 288$ in Latin America and 339$ in Middle east and Africa.

Conflict Minerals

The elements used in the Iphone are Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten and Gold and these minerals used to generate over 185$ dollars. Possibly one of most important conflict minerals out of the 4 is the Tantalum. Tantalum is used to store electricity in your phone and if there isn’t Tantalum in your phone, your phone will simply fall silent. Tungsten is used to vibrate your phone and Tin is used as a solder for the circuit board. Gold is used to used to coat the wiring inside of the smartphone because it can conduct electricity well.

Conflict Mines

These conflict minerals are mined in the east region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. These miners are hired by getting life threats, physically forced and threatened to get shot by a gun. The working conditions in these mines are horrible. There’s a lot of Lifting work and the miners get supplied with horrible tools and have difficult locations to work on and many of these miners die while mining these conflict minerals because of how terrible the condition is there. 


Some things that we could do to solve this issue is by spreading awareness by using things like social media. I’ve already seen a couple posts about conflict minerals in these social medias and nowadays social media is something thats essential in our life’s so Im sure a lot of people have already seen them. There has been websites created to spread awareness about conflict minerals. For example http://www.raisehopeforcongo.org/content/initiatives/conflict-minerals.



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Unit 3: Grade 6 Art Reflection

The person I chose for my subject is Hansu. I chose Hansu because he is a really good drawer and he has a very realistic style of art. I also chose him because he is currently really into computer games and I was interested in drawing some characters he liked. In my drawing I was    trying to draw the character called reaper in overwatch since it was his favorite game. I expressed him in my art piece by  making the costume extra dark since we never know what he is up to in class and black symbolizes mystery which is the color of this characters costume.


I chose this picture to express my ideas which is a picture from a comic called The Adventure Of Tin Tin. I chose this picture because it could be easily drawn and also looked simple since simple is the best. Also, the style of art I chose for my artwork was the comic style so it was a perfect picture to draw with. In this photograph there is the main character TinTin with his dog Snowy. In this picture, the background is mainly made in a black color but the character Im trying to draw for the art work is also black witch makes bad contrast. So to solve this problem I mixed a ton of white paint with black paint so It would make a whitish gray color so the characters suit would look outstanding and have great contrast( Because White it the opposite color of black). For my artwork I decided to make the character half Hansu and Half the Reaper so you could recognize who’s in the actual portrait to imply him looking like he has a secret identity which simply just makes it look cool. 


PARAGRAPH 2. Explain how you communicated your ideas. 

  • Which 2 or 3 pictorial elements did you use to express your ideas? Describe each one in detail. What does each of these elements express about your subject? BE SPECIFIC.
  • What artist or movement or style influenced you? How did you use this influence in your painting. GIVE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES.

Unit 2 : Motifs and Patterns Critique/Reflection

While doing the Unit 2, One of my strengths I found were interlocking patterns. While that I’ve noticed some mistakes such as using my time  wisely. I thought of this because while working on the project in class I was easily distracted by other students. If I were able to redo this project I would stay focused more to my work. I would do this by using my time more wisely and concentrating on my work before I get off task and also go to the open studios to stay up on task if Im behind. I would have also added more personal interest into my motif design because I only had a several things that represent my personal interest in my design.

Ive attempted an unusual solution or idea while drawing my motif. An example is while I curving out my motif design I sometimes accidentally curved into the wrong spots and I solved this by curving deep around the place I accidentally curved so it looks like a design I did on purpose. This helped me develop some ideas because the curved places looked like they were interlocking so if I were to do this unit again I would like to add some of these designs I accidentally found.

My personal interest and cultural interest didn’t come out well in my motif design. My cultural interest was the Islamic design which uses a similar style of design as Chinese designs such as flowers and designed interlocking. I chose this because I personally liked the Chinese styled art because the Islamic designs have a really similar style of art. I also chose this because I like the Japanese styled designs which was inspired by the Chinese country. My Personal interest was the movie Spiderman. I used the scene when Spiderman was climbing up a building and also I used Spiderman’s Spider logo in my motif design. I chose this for my Personal interest because I personally liked cartoon styled movies and also I simply just liked the movie Spiderman.

For my motif design I tried using the main concept on interlocking our design. I did this by adding circles cut in half so it could interlock with the other pieces of the design. I chose the color red and green for my artwork because as you can see in this color wheel the color red is the exact opposite color with green and I thought that it would have good contrast if I did this and would also look pretty out standing and eye catchy. For my artwork I added a color pattern by doing green,red,green,red,green,red. I honestly didn’t think about adding patterns into this and was made completely randomly. I think my artwork is interlocking quite well because Ive added a few shapes that interlock with the other pieces of paper in 4 other directions. I think I could’ve added a little more interlocking patters since I was focused on the actual design then making the design interlocking.


France: Chapitre 3 Mise en train


1. What is the relationship between Julie and Mme Pelletier? How do you know?
2. Where are they?
3. What are they doing there?
4. Why does Julie need a calculator?
5. What is Mme Pelletier’s main concern?
6. What do you think of Julie’s decision at the end of Pas question! ?


1: Mme Pelletier is her mother since she looks way more older then Julie and also went to shopping with her.

2: At a shop where they sell school supplies.

3: Buying Supplies such as pencils for school.

4: Because she is a english learner and needs a translator for her english class

5: That the calculator is expensive.

6: I think it was nice of her to buy a gift for her mother.


  1. My Goal is to be more concentrated to my work, raise my hand more and listen to the teacher while class.
  2.  To accomplish this goal on concentrating to my work I will try not to be distracted by my friends. I will raise my hand more in class by participating more to class and giving suggestions.
  3. I will improve my listening skills by looking at the teacher and not be distracted by my friend and not being of task.

Reflection on My Portfolio

Link to my Portfolio: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/14XdwZ7acuKuqcwYMnK4Dv0DLHANcT-9LQfE9eK265EM/edit#slide=id.gd6e472b09_0_99

I think I did well on showing my work and explaining all my work I did recently.

One of my issues while the Conference was finding my work because I took around 1 minute to find one of my work I wanted to share with my parents.

Next year I want to do better at organising my work because I wasn’t organised for my Conference and it got a bit awkward sometimes.