November 18

What am I?

What am I?


Out of nowhere an orange face,

I’m only here once a year,

I give people quite a fright,

Mainly at night.

By Yestin 6C


Green and furry,

I feel so soft, yet I can feel hard

I fly away so easy

I keep on going back and forth

By Yestin 6C


These are riddles.

Please post your guesses in the comments section for what I am.

Please try not to change your answers because of the other answers in the comments section.

November 5


I think that I did well on achieving my goal because when ever I was going to do something I thought if it was safe or not and now I am back at school with no injuries also whenever somebody lost something in my tent I would stop what I was doing and help them.I was also principled on the rope course when someone was afraid of heights I really encouraged them to keep going and that made them really happy and they enjoyed it in the end. I think that it really helped other people enjoy their experience more because they would not have to wait for me to get going again on a activity. I was a risk taker when we went canoeing and jumped into the lake because it was really cold and now looking back on it I feel really proud of my self. I learnt to trust people because before I went I was not so familiar with everyone and I would go to a closer friend if I had a problem but now I know that we are a team and we help each other out so I now trust everyone. I was a good communicator on camp because when I thought I knew something I would try to say to my group especially on the scavenger hunt hike on the first day.

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