December 16

Visual Art Unit 1 Summative Reflection

This unit called Look at me is a unit about drawing self portraits and really learning how to draw 3 dimensional drawings of ourselves.

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During this unit I learned many skills and one of those is shadows and highlights and another is proportion. I learnt that having really dark and light values really makes the drawing look 3 dimensional. You can see this well when you look at the hair it looks as though it is kind of sticking out and you think that you could just reach out and touch it. That is because when you look at someone depending on the light around them they will not be the same shade all the way round their face there will be dark and light parts and on their face so thats what the shadows and highlights are.  Also if you look at my original drawing you can see that the drawing looks 2D and that is because The face is not combined it is kind of like separate drawings put together you can tell this by looking at the proportion of the mouth compared to the eyes as the mouth is tiny and the eyes are about 2 times the size of the mouth. But when you look at the final drawing the proportions are right and it looks like a real face as the eyes mouth and nose are all the right size.


There were lots of times in this unit where I was behind or confused but I overcame a lot of those challenges by coming to open studio when I needed to. This was an Independent decision that I had to make as it was a great time to ask questions and really get a lot of work done. I found this helpful because I could walk in to class feeling confident as if I did not get my work done I could come in in the morning but this did not keep me from concentrating. A problem that I had was blending because whenever I blended too much on one part it would go over on to a highlight so then I would have to erase the part where the highlight was and blend around it until I got the perfect shade and highlights. Also at one part in the process we had to leave class early for soccer so I fell behind a bit but open studio fixed that as it gave us more time to develop our skills and work on our project. I also knew that when I went to soccer that I would have to come in and that was anticipating difficulties because otherwise if I did not come in it would come back to haunt me.


This portrait represents me well.

I think that my portrait represents me really well because it shows that I am quite serious but I have a fun side. I think that this is because of the detailing the mouth and also the values of the face because there is a dark side and light side and that can be me. Also the highlights in the hair kind of shows that I have quite bright hair because otherwise there would not be as many highlights as if your hair is brown or dark and so are the shadows you would not be able to realise. The eyes show that I can get quite tired if I have been working hard so this shows that I put in the effort to make my work look good at school. I think that one thing that misrepresents me is the serious look because I am not always serious but as I said before I can be serious. I think that you can tell a lot about me from just looking at this drawing as it has a lot of my individual details like quite light hair and things like that and you can notice that.

 I think that I showed that I am a good critical thinker because I would ask for help but when there was a teat or something and there was no talking I would kind of self assess myself and I would create a critique in my mind about things I could improve on. I think I could have been more creative even though I was creative during this process i could have added freckles as that would have represented me more and it would have looked more like me. I think that these little problems don’t really affect my drawing as people would realise it is me from just looking at it. I think that I could have been better by adding those little details that no one else have so then it would represent me better.

This unit look at me about self portrait drawing has been amazing thanks to Mr. Reed for teaching us amazing skills that I did not even know existed before. Before this unit I could not make a realistic 3 dimensional drawing but now from learning skills like highlights and shadows I can draw a realistic 3 dimensional portrait of my self. If I redid this unit I would definitely focus more on the little details.

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