May 4

Attack of the Ginger!

Today in English we were introduced to our new unit “Film Study” and we went up to the roof to experience what different types of angles and views film makers use to make film scenes more dramatic. I was in a group with Jared and Ami, we used three different types of angles/ perspectives: Point of view, High angle and low angle to take the photos for our scene. A few things that went well was getting the angles correct as well as being the right distance away. In this lesson we learnt the different types of vocabulary which we will use this unit such as Shoulder shot, worms eye view, birds eye view, director, etc. I cant wait for the rest of this unit because watching and making movies are one of my hobbies. I learnt that Directors use lots of different angles to make the scene more dramatic  so its not always the same view because when the shots don’t change then it adds nothing to the scene and it will get a bit boring because it’s harder to tell when something big is going to happen. One thing that could have gone better is the background because you can see people in the background and it doesn’t really fit with the scene.


This is a point of view shot.


This is a low angle shot.


This is a high angle shot.

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  1. Miss Cox

    This is a thoughtful and enthusiastic post that I enjoyed reading. I’m glad you’re looking forward to this unit – it will certainly provide lots of opportunities to explore different film techniques, and this might inspire you in future film projects.


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