May 17

Drama important person speech

During this topic in Drama we have been doing modulation. We have taken lots of different aspects of speech and applying them into our own speech. We had to choose an important person to us and we had to talk about them and how much they mean to us and why they are so amazing.  Here is my video, I talked about my old friend Jack in Singapore and our journey together as great friends.

We have been looking at skills such as volume, pitch, pace, pause, projection, emphasis, posture, gesture, facial expression, use of palm card and content. These are the things that bring your speech to life, they do this by really adding more detail into words and also it helps people know that you mean what you are saying. In my speech I aimed to use as many of these skills as possible so that people believed in what I was saying and so they knew that I really cared about the topic. I think that my best skill was my pitch and pace because I went at a steady pace and I also was talking in quite a low voice at times to let my audience know that I was quite sad about leaving him. Also I varied my pace depending on the mood of the speech, this was shown towards the end when I said the quote I tried to slow down to make it more meaningful and emotional.


I think that one main skill that I really need to work on is posture because a lot of the time I was not standing up straight, I was quite bent. Also I was kind of walking on the spot a lot of the time and this kind of suggested that I wanted to do something else but I didn’t because it was showing that I didn’t put in that final bit of effort to have the correct posture, when I wanted to have the correct posture. Also something I should work on facial expression because I had quite a neutral face throughout the entire speech.


I would rate myself a 7 and a 6 because I was very confident in speaking and I did well on using most of the skills. If I were to redo this speech I would do something difference for the middle section of my speech because I kind of ran out of things to say for what happened in our relationship.

Another speech that was captivating was Regev’s because it really made me think about him in a different way especially when he said that he moved here two years ago without knowing how to speak english and now he is almost fluent in english. I also found that he paced his speech well and he did a good job on emphasising words. He was very clear in what he was saying and he was not messing around which was great. All in all Regev had a well structured and meaningful speech which I found quite moving.

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