June 12

Final Critique Unit #3 Portrait painting

The subject of my painting is my Grandfather and his home in England. My grandfather is a very important person to me along with the other members of my family, but I really find him inspirational because when he was around 15 years old he joined the airforce and helped England fight. Also another reason why I chose him is because he has taught me a lot by just taking me and my brothers out to play in the cricket field to play cricket and as we would walk along he would show us different objects and tell us stories about things that have happened around his house lately or where something comes from. The reason he is important to me is because he has experienced a lot and he still goes out and plays with us and tells us funny jokes. Also I admire how many places he has been to around the world and he tells me about them. In my painting I decided to express an idea about him by showing how kind and caring he is even when things get rough he continues on and is always jolly, the way I showed this is by using many bright colours and also using objects that really represent who he is as a person.


In my painting I incorporated three different pictorial elements which were setting (my grandparents house in England), objects (the cricket bat, ball and wickets), and colour.  The reason why I chose to focus on these three elements is because I really wanted to show who my Granddad is through colours, objects and the background. The bright colours are symbolic of the happiness he brings to everyone and they also show that even when things are tough, he perseveres and tries his hardest. The reason why I wished to show this through colours is because they flow nicely with the background, and I also feel that happiness is the best way to describe his emotions because even though he has worked in the airforce and traveled around the world. The reason why I also decided to focus on objects is because even though my Granddad is getting quite old he still goes out with me and my brothers to play cricket and to make memories together. The objects i decided to use are a cricket bat, ball and wickets to symbolise that cricket is a big part in our relationship as it is a common interest we all share. The final pictorial element is the background, this fits along with the colours as well because I tried to make the background with the brightest colours I could make which would still fit the idea of the painting. The reason why I decided to focus on the background is because my grandparents house is symbolic in a way that the colours show the different types of emotions that happen in the house and also the fence represents how I always used to remember him painting the fence and then a cat ruining it and that is why in the corner on the side towards the house there is a black cat. The type of art that influenced my painting was pointillism, the reason why I found this style of art interesting was because I didn’t know that many little dots, when combined create a big picture which can look very realistic. Although this did not influence my painting a lot because I wanted to focus more on the pictorial elements there is still some pointillism shown at the lower section of the painting where all the cricket objects are located. The reason why I chose to make the items using pointillism is because it is manageable and also I really wanted the items to be really symbolic and stand out so I used this style of painting to catch the viewers attention so they would not just look at the house but they would also look at the road. Another issue I had when trying to paint using pointillism is running out of time, even though I visited open studio to work on my artwork, pointillism is a very time consuming process, so I found it challenging to incorporate a lot of it into my painting. Pointillism also tends to be mainly focused on nature and living things, so that is why I decided to make a cat to show that there are always cats in their garden and to show pointillism more accurately in my painting. Here is a painting that really inspired me because it steers away from the idea about this style of art having to relate to nature.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 8.35.59 AM

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June 10

Zoo game Reflection

Today in Humanities class we had an option of playing a wide variety of different economics games, I decided to play a game which the objective was to start your own business (a zoo). This game requires an understanding of profit and loss and it teaches you a lot about the different ways to make/lose money. It also taught me a bit about opportunity costs because it shows that when there is a high supply there is a low demand but when there are a lot of advertisements and booths around you, sometimes you can’t resist but to just buy something. Although the audience for it I would say would be for quite young people at around the age of 10-11 because it is very simple and straight to the point, also it is manageable to be played by all ages although I feel as though because it teaches you about basic economics it should be suited to children at the age of 10. The reason that people should play this game is if they have just been introduced to economics, it is a good starting point because it teaches you about opportunity costs and profit and losses, it also teaches kids the benefits of owning their own business but it also shows the negative sides to owning one. The aim of the game is to complete the challenges on each level and to make the most amount of money, although as it comes to the final level the game is limitless although it is very simple to reach the end of the game as once you have built everything the game basically finishes and there is nothing left to accomplish.  All in all the game was ok but it could be better by adding more exhibits to experiment with, and also having more room to build in. Also another way they could make it better is by making it a competitive game so you could challenge your friends to see who can build the best zoo. I  would give this game a sideways thumb as it could be better although it is not terrible.  Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 8.09.02 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.34.07 AMScreen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.09.39 PM

June 1

Drama movie audio trailer

In drama, recently we have been continuing our unit of modulation and sound. Before this project we were really just focusing on our voice and that is why we did a speech but after that project we started to look at sound effects and more computer generated sounds although we still incorporated speech into our movie trailer because they are the voices of characters and every movie needs characters, otherwise a story can’t develop. My expression in the trailer was ok but at times you could tell it was me because I didn’t really put on a voice and it kind of took away from the trailer.


We have been especially working and looking at these skills and parts of a trailer: Voice Over Narration, Conflict, Character voices in dialogue grabs, Action Sequences, Action sound effects, Human Drama, Music (soundtrack), No Plot Spoilers, Title & Slogan (catchy phrase), Usual Funny Moment, and the Release Date & Location. In our movie trailer I was the narrator, meaning that I helped clarify what was happening in the scene, I was also involved in a lot of the sound effects and I continuously came up with new ideas to make our trailer interesting.

I think that my best skills were doing the voiceover narration and the action sound effects because I put on quite a deep voice when the scene was very serious but as it came to the end I put in a comedy moment by going against stereotypes and I put on a very jolly voice and said “terms and conditions apply” this was to make the audience feel as though the film would finish happily but then we added more to the trailer which made the audience wonder what was going to happen in the film and how it was all going to end. If we were to actually make the film I think there would have to be a sequel because this was kind of the intro to the whole story and the mystery was about what was going to happen on the 17th year of him killing victims. Also I contributed a lot to the sound effects by thinking of a lot of different sound effects which would typically be in a horror film, for example: The Tv is static but there is audio to it and the clock ticking slowly to represent that it seems as though time is slowing down and it is running out. This makes the audience think that someone’s time is up, which in this case is true. Also another reason why I chose these skills because at the start when there was the creepy music in the background, I tried to speak in a very mysterious way so that the audience could not predict what was coming up but they knew that something bad was going to happen. Also all the sound effects were appropriate because they weren’t random and they were in a chronological order so it flowed although the editing of the trailer was bad so they seemed separated and that there was no flow.

I think that I should improve on not spoiling the plot because at times I kind of gave away a lot of key information and I let the audience know who was a victim to Jared (the murderer) which left no room to continue that part on and so we would have to change it so it was an action/horror movie because they go on this adventure to find out who’s behind this killing, and what will happen in two years time. We could also have the parents come back in the actual movie if we continued it but then it kind of loses the whole horror effect and then it becomes more of a crime scene investigation movie instead of a ghost story. Also I would improve on movie editing because it seemed very separated and the sounds did not always flow, this took away some of the horror effect because when you can tell something is cut and put together you know that it is a fake story because you know someone put it together but when the movie is smooth and the sounds fit together perfectly then it makes the audio and the movie sound a lot more realistic.

Another trailer which was captivating was Louisiana Bones  because the sounds fit together perfectly  and it really sounded as though it was a real trailer. Also I liked it because it was a comedy action movie which you don’t see a lot but they made a trailer for one and it sounds really funny. If it came out in cinemas I would go and watch it because it was so smooth and the narrator had a great voice for it as well as the characters put on a voice and did not keep their same voice so even we could not recognise some of their voices. I think that all in all there movie trailer was well structured and well put together although they could work on making it a bit longer because it was so much fun to listen to but it finished so fast. The reason why I didn’t choose “The Dad” is because I found it hard to follow the plot and I didn’t really know what was happening.

I would rate myself a 6 out of 8 because I feel as though I contributed a lot to the making of the trailer and I was quite a good narrator although I could improve by putting on a deeper voice and becoming more of a narrator like voice because I was recognisable. Also I shouldn’t have given away the murderer part but that was what we decided to do as a group.

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June 1

Summer Economic plan

Recently in humanities we have started a mini economics unit, we made a plan for the summer to make money, spend money or save money. I chose to create a plan which I would make money from although I chose a question which is not based on making money, it is based on part of my culture which is English. Here is my question:



What would be the equilibrium point of a lemonade stand in a local English town?


Why is this my question: The reason why I chose this question is because I go back to England every year and I travel across the country. I want to see how the equilibrium point of a Lemonade stand changes as I travel across England. Also I want to see the demand for Lemonade stands across England depending on the time of day and the weather and then I can notice the supply (how many lemonade stands are set up).  Another reason why I wish to do this is because setting up a lemonade stand is a very traditional way of children to make money in England and recently they have been quite scarce because of allowances and also there are a lot of restaurants that provide lemonade which is mass produced. An example of mass produced lemonade is Sprite and 7 UP.

 Part 2:


I need to find out how much I need to pay in order to make profit and then from there I can make money from doing chores and also I have a lot of saved up money from Christmas and Birthdays.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.04.42 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.04.52 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.04.33 PM


What Currency?


The currency I will be using is British pounds, this is because it is the only currency that is used by everyone in England and also it is one of the strongest and most famous currencies in the world other than US dollars. The exchange rate for each pound is around about 161 Japanese Yen although when I exchange it back to Japanese Yen I could lose some money to companies that exchange money from one currency to another. This is because they need to make a profit themselves in order to stay in business and to keep from going corrupt/bankrupt. This means that they run out of money and there is no longer a demand for their product but they keep supplying so they start to lose money rapidly.


What Labour?
In order for me to make money there will be very little labour required on my half of the market because I have money stored up and as long as I don’t give in to the different opportunity costs I will have enough money to at least start up a lemonade stand. Although I will have to give up time with my family and friends in order to make the most amount of profit because if you put in the effort you can achieve a high level of whatever you are doing. But there will be labour for the producers because in order for me to make lemonade they have to provide the resources.


Opportunity costs

There will be a few different opportunity costs for me as I like to have a nice ice cream when it’s a hot day in England and I will also have to take public transportation at times because it is more affordable and it is more eco-friendly. I will have to resist buying different products and also I will have to resist playing soccer with my friends and family because a lot of the time in England I am out and about with friends and family having fun but in order to have the most amount of time and money to carry out my plan I must give up time with my family and friends.


What will be the outcome?

I think that my plan will be very successful because every year when I go back to England a lot of the adults I see, talk about how much they miss lemonade stands because nowhere days most kids will stay inside and play videogames but I think that a lot of kids should go outside and experience a big part of english culture. This will show kids that they can have fun and make money without having to be indoors. Although this is an investment if people study the market they can make a large amount of money from a simple thing like a lemonade stand. I think that the equilibrium point of a lemonade stand in England would be quite high because from what i’ve heard so far people are willing to buy lemonade if it is available, but right now in a lot of England it’s not and that means no competition which means higher profit.

How much will it cost to make lemonade?



64 tablespoons of sugar = 1kg

one tablespoon = 15.625g

58 grams = 1 lemon

3.712 tablespoons = are in 1 lemon


1 bag of sugar=

59 pence

32 cups of lemonade

1 lemon=

91 pence for 1 lemon



£29.71= 32 cups of lemonade


I will most likely have to make around 70 cups of lemonade per place in England that I travel to, so I will have to spend around 60 pounds for the materials to make lemonade so I can meet the demand and this will help me figure out the equilibrium point of a lemonade stand. I will then use the money that I make from the previous Lemonade stand to use to set up the lemonade stand in the next location.

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My plan is to find the average equilibrium point of a lemonade stand in a local town in England. The reason why I chose to do it in England is because most people speak english there and also there will be a lot of familiar faces around which will build up my confidence. For my plan there will be a lot of opportunity costs because I have to give up a lot of my time and I have to go out and buy materials, also I will have to stand out by my lemonade stand for the day and resist going to the park with my friends and family in order to make the most amount of profit. My plan will really encourage a lot of children in England to set up cost beneficial activities or stands because a lot of children have forgotten how people used to make money on a hot summers day, also a lot of children are saving up to buy toys and video games. Also it might encourage allowances in England because kids don’t usually earn money from doing chores, they have to make it themselves by setting up fundraisers and activities and they need to save up for things they want but they need money to set up the lemonade stand and unless they have been saving up, they will need a source of income. The currency I will be using is Great British pounds as this is the most common form of currency currently in England. My plan is also a short term investment because you have to take a risk with your money to make profit but you can still make a loss if the demand for lemonade is too low and the supply is too high, this is what would cause a big company to go bankrupt but because lemonade stands are easy to set up you would not lose too much money. The reason I chose this question is because Lemonade stands are a big part of english culture, and they have started to die off because of video games and other indoor activities. In England currently a lot of kids spend most of their time off school in their house and lemonade stands are a good way to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine. Also a lot of children find it hard to make money because of opportunity costs, Kids can’t resist buying the new coolest toys/video games and this will teach them how to set up a successful business even though it is a local lemonade stand.

I think that I will do my plan but I will do it with some friends or someone from my family because it will be a great way to socialise and learn about making money and profits and how to prevent a business from going bankrupt and making a loss. I love to stay outside during summer and I really want to bring back a part of English culture. I have the funds to set up a Lemonade stand and it would be great fun, that is why I think that I should set up  a Lemonade stand in England.