June 12

Final Critique Unit #3 Portrait painting

The subject of my painting is my Grandfather and his home in England. My grandfather is a very important person to me along with the other members of my family, but I really find him inspirational because when he was around 15 years old he joined the airforce and helped England fight. Also another reason why I chose him is because he has taught me a lot by just taking me and my brothers out to play in the cricket field to play cricket and as we would walk along he would show us different objects and tell us stories about things that have happened around his house lately or where something comes from. The reason he is important to me is because he has experienced a lot and he still goes out and plays with us and tells us funny jokes. Also I admire how many places he has been to around the world and he tells me about them. In my painting I decided to express an idea about him by showing how kind and caring he is even when things get rough he continues on and is always jolly, the way I showed this is by using many bright colours and also using objects that really represent who he is as a person.


In my painting I incorporated three different pictorial elements which were setting (my grandparents house in England), objects (the cricket bat, ball and wickets), and colour.  The reason why I chose to focus on these three elements is because I really wanted to show who my Granddad is through colours, objects and the background. The bright colours are symbolic of the happiness he brings to everyone and they also show that even when things are tough, he perseveres and tries his hardest. The reason why I wished to show this through colours is because they flow nicely with the background, and I also feel that happiness is the best way to describe his emotions because even though he has worked in the airforce and traveled around the world. The reason why I also decided to focus on objects is because even though my Granddad is getting quite old he still goes out with me and my brothers to play cricket and to make memories together. The objects i decided to use are a cricket bat, ball and wickets to symbolise that cricket is a big part in our relationship as it is a common interest we all share. The final pictorial element is the background, this fits along with the colours as well because I tried to make the background with the brightest colours I could make which would still fit the idea of the painting. The reason why I decided to focus on the background is because my grandparents house is symbolic in a way that the colours show the different types of emotions that happen in the house and also the fence represents how I always used to remember him painting the fence and then a cat ruining it and that is why in the corner on the side towards the house there is a black cat. The type of art that influenced my painting was pointillism, the reason why I found this style of art interesting was because I didn’t know that many little dots, when combined create a big picture which can look very realistic. Although this did not influence my painting a lot because I wanted to focus more on the pictorial elements there is still some pointillism shown at the lower section of the painting where all the cricket objects are located. The reason why I chose to make the items using pointillism is because it is manageable and also I really wanted the items to be really symbolic and stand out so I used this style of painting to catch the viewers attention so they would not just look at the house but they would also look at the road. Another issue I had when trying to paint using pointillism is running out of time, even though I visited open studio to work on my artwork, pointillism is a very time consuming process, so I found it challenging to incorporate a lot of it into my painting. Pointillism also tends to be mainly focused on nature and living things, so that is why I decided to make a cat to show that there are always cats in their garden and to show pointillism more accurately in my painting. Here is a painting that really inspired me because it steers away from the idea about this style of art having to relate to nature.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 8.35.59 AM

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