September 13

Dragon Days Reflection


Designing our project was… Designing our project was challenging because you had to think about a lot of things, like what provocation does this event fit under, what will be the age group, etc.  Although it was also really fun because you got to be really creative without being judged by people.
Reasons I liked working with my group I liked working with my group because it was a friendly environment that we could all share our ideas in without them being shut down. Also we got to create new friendships and bonds with people that we may have never met before.
ATL skills that I used well A couple of ATL skills that I used well were communication, collaboration, and creative/critical thinker. I used communicator when I had an idea to get across to the group I would wait until somebody else wasn’t speaking and then I would tell my idea to the group. I also was a creative/critical thinker when we were brainstorming ideas because i thought of some great ideas which seemed good at the time but when we looked at them in more detail they weren’t possible. I also collaborated well with my group because we were all willing to put the same amount of effort into the work.
Great moments along the way A great moment was when I went to go print and Connor came along on the trolley. Also I really enjoyed presenting our idea and creating a team name.
One thing I learned from another group One thing i learnt from another group was that people prefer to look at visuals and listen to music than to watch a slideshow. This meaning that people would rather watch a video of us explaining how to play dodgeball than us talking about it.
Next time, I will Next time I will take less time to brainstorm by making sure everyone is focused and ready to go because we spent almost an hour brainstorming ideas which we could have spent working on our project.
Something awesome that I contributed I contributed the idea of winning some kind of prize at the end of the tournament, along with a game of dodgeball against the teachers as a bit of fun.