February 15

What Caused the Industrial Revolution?

Coal extraction was the foundation of the Industrial Revolution due to its use in producing power to run machines and smelt ores. The Industrial revolution was one of the most crucial events in human history mainly because of how it shaped the world which we live in. It provided products which are almost essentials in everyone’s life in the modern day and age. Although without coal extraction none of this would be possible, due to its use in many of the main factors of the industrial revolution. Take the railways, a key invention during the industrial revolution which increased the speed which people could travel at, and although in the modern day coal is not used in railways, many of the first trains were either powered by coal or steam, and in order to create steam, people used coal to heat up water until it evaporated and transformed into steam. Without the power that coal was used to produce, none of the machines that are used to create electronics, clothes, and much more would exist because everything would still have to be created by manual labour, as opposed to having an automatic machine which could make the same product 10 times faster. Overall, though coal extraction was crucial in the Industrial Revolution due to how it powered semi-automatic and automatic machines, as well as how it provided energy for lighting and other devices used in everyone’s daily life.


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