April 7

Child Labour Industrial Revolution

Robert Dickens (A boy child worker)

Robert Dickens, A 10-year-old boy who works currently in a textile factory receiving 3 shillings a week. He was originally recruited at the age of 6 as a chimney boy, although he had no say in going into work, his foster parent signed him off to a chimney sweep organisation owner without consulting Robert. He worked in the chimney sweep industry for 2 years before being fired because he was late too often, and although he found that unfair because of the working hours, he was relieved to get out of that business as he received a lung infection from cleaning the chimneys. Almost instantly after being fired though, he received a job in the textile industry as a boy worker who cleaned the machines while they were running, while also manning some of the machines himself. In this job he received 6 shillings a week, although the treatment was much worse, first of all, he was late out of bed, so the factory owner (Sam Washington) pulled him out of bed and pulled him to the factory naked with his clothes in his hands to be put on there. Not to mention that he also lost a thumb while trying to clean out the machine from below in his first week.


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