August 22

Atl Skill Video

Hey everyone! Today as one of the activities we did to learn about the ways to use our blog was we created a video to help the 6th graders understand a specific atl skill more as they have just moved up from elementary school. My group being called Dragon City focused on organisation skills and created the video below showing that school work should be a top priority although that is not to say that our social lives and lives outside of school aren’t important. Enjoy 😀

We used our collaboration, caring and creative skills to work together and form a video with people that we didn’t particularly know very well, that would explain to the 6th graders that work should not be left until the last second and that although your life outside of school is important, school work should be a priority. We performed these skills by managing our time and finding a quiet space to be efficient and upload our video to our blog on time. Also we made sure that everyone knew what our main message was in our video and knew what it was that they were supposed to be doing at each and every moment although we let each other be creative with our ideas and accepted them by incorporating them into our video in order to be more successful and efficient as well as to create a stronger bond throughout our group.


Our video had the purpose to show the 6th graders that although your social life is important both in and outside of school, school work should be a main priority, and video gaming should not come above it nor should social media. We also wanted to make the audience aware that when doing work at the last minute, the quality of the work will often be much worse than someone who did it say a week in advance. Also kind of a hidden message within our video was that studying doesn’t have to be boring, you can study with friends and have rewards for doing well, as when something is fun, and you get rewarded for your work, you will often most likely remember whatever it was better compared to when you’re bored, because you will be more focused on the task and not so focused on what is for lunch.

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