June 12

Final Critique Unit #3 Portrait painting

The subject of my painting is my Grandfather and his home in England. My grandfather is a very important person to me along with the other members of my family, but I really find him inspirational because when he was around 15 years old he joined the airforce and helped England fight. Also another reason why I chose him is because he has taught me a lot by just taking me and my brothers out to play in the cricket field to play cricket and as we would walk along he would show us different objects and tell us stories about things that have happened around his house lately or where something comes from. The reason he is important to me is because he has experienced a lot and he still goes out and plays with us and tells us funny jokes. Also I admire how many places he has been to around the world and he tells me about them. In my painting I decided to express an idea about him by showing how kind and caring he is even when things get rough he continues on and is always jolly, the way I showed this is by using many bright colours and also using objects that really represent who he is as a person.


In my painting I incorporated three different pictorial elements which were setting (my grandparents house in England), objects (the cricket bat, ball and wickets), and colour.  The reason why I chose to focus on these three elements is because I really wanted to show who my Granddad is through colours, objects and the background. The bright colours are symbolic of the happiness he brings to everyone and they also show that even when things are tough, he perseveres and tries his hardest. The reason why I wished to show this through colours is because they flow nicely with the background, and I also feel that happiness is the best way to describe his emotions because even though he has worked in the airforce and traveled around the world. The reason why I also decided to focus on objects is because even though my Granddad is getting quite old he still goes out with me and my brothers to play cricket and to make memories together. The objects i decided to use are a cricket bat, ball and wickets to symbolise that cricket is a big part in our relationship as it is a common interest we all share. The final pictorial element is the background, this fits along with the colours as well because I tried to make the background with the brightest colours I could make which would still fit the idea of the painting. The reason why I decided to focus on the background is because my grandparents house is symbolic in a way that the colours show the different types of emotions that happen in the house and also the fence represents how I always used to remember him painting the fence and then a cat ruining it and that is why in the corner on the side towards the house there is a black cat. The type of art that influenced my painting was pointillism, the reason why I found this style of art interesting was because I didn’t know that many little dots, when combined create a big picture which can look very realistic. Although this did not influence my painting a lot because I wanted to focus more on the pictorial elements there is still some pointillism shown at the lower section of the painting where all the cricket objects are located. The reason why I chose to make the items using pointillism is because it is manageable and also I really wanted the items to be really symbolic and stand out so I used this style of painting to catch the viewers attention so they would not just look at the house but they would also look at the road. Another issue I had when trying to paint using pointillism is running out of time, even though I visited open studio to work on my artwork, pointillism is a very time consuming process, so I found it challenging to incorporate a lot of it into my painting. Pointillism also tends to be mainly focused on nature and living things, so that is why I decided to make a cat to show that there are always cats in their garden and to show pointillism more accurately in my painting. Here is a painting that really inspired me because it steers away from the idea about this style of art having to relate to nature.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 8.35.59 AM

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April 28

Art Unit #2 Reflection Developing Links- Pattern printmaking

Photo on 4-28-16 at 3.43 PM


During this Unit in art we have been printing and carving. It has been a great process as I have learnt many new skills such as carving and printmaking. I learnt how to Properly clean up and how to carve without cutting yourself. I have really enjoyed this unit because we got to take something we love and incorporate it into our art. My personal interest was Soccer, I incorporated this into my design by adding four soccer fields into the bottom corners of the motif.


Strengths/Weaknesses (evaluating my work)

I think I did a great job on making the motif interlock because it connects perfectly which makes it look connected as a piece of artwork. I am very proud of my work because it represents me as a person because it includes the cultural influence which is the criss cross pattern and that represents my childhood because I used to play chess all the time. Also the contrast of colours look nice because there is a light colour on a dark piece of paper or its the other way around which makes the print stand out. I was very proud of the solution that I came up with to include soccer into my design and it to be noticeable because I didn’t want to do a ball or a circle because that could be anything and its hard to distinct the cultural influence and the personal interest. I like how sometimes the two intersect but for this piece of art I really wanted to show part of me. A few weaknesses was when I carved the centre part of my motif where the little circles are, they were supposed to be a bit bigger and the thing that I did is I kept carving into the plate so that they were all even but every time they would get smaller and smaller because I kept carving unevenly until they were almost unnoticeable.  I would change my motif next time so it was a little less crowded because there is a lot going on, also I would not really divide it up into sections because a lot of other peoples motifs seemed as though they transitioned smoothly without any really straight lines. Also another problem I ran into while I was creating my motif is that I realised that I was quite far behind everyone else but I solved this problem by consistently coming into open studio so that I could catch up and I ended up finishing my work. For example when I was still designing my motif, Regev was already carving so I decided to catch up so I would not have to stress about not finishing. Every week I caught up little by little and in the end it made a big difference.  Another issue was when I was sticking my prints onto the paper, I accidentally stuck one on wrong so I had to reprint and it came down to the last second for me to finish. Next time if I had to redo this I would be more careful when sticking my prints on the black paper as if you make one mistake it could ruin the whole thing.



Creative thinking 

My creative thinking was thinking of alternate possibilities. I did this when I was creating my design because I needed to think of a way to combine both soccer and an ancient Egyptian motif together or at least incorporate them both in my final motif. My first thought was to have circles surrounding one thing in the centre but I did not like the idea because my personal interest was hard to distinct from the rest of the pattern. So I thought of making it based around soccer and then incorporate the cultural influence in from there. I also had the idea of creating soccer pitches because I realised that my cultural influence included a lot of straight shapes and lines such as squares and rectangles, so I used that to create the Soccer pitches. Also I kept coming up with ideas about things in my design that could be thought of it one way or the other. For example the criss cross pattern looks like a chess board and it just so happens that chess was a big part of when I lived in England. I had many different ideas of what things could be but in the end I had to limit myself or the motif would end up a mess and this is something I really learnt from which is it is fun to add lots of different patterns into your design but in the end if you add too many then it could end up really hard to carve or you might not be able to tell whats what.


Cultural Influence and Personal Interest

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 6.25.00 PM

My cultural influence in this project was Egyptian, this Egyptian motif is very simple yet effective because it seems complex when you look at it but really the contrast is doing a lot of the work, other than that it’s just a few boxes with squares inside them I chose this not because I have anything related to Egyptian but I just love the way that their motifs are quite basic but very effective, as shown above where they only use two squares in the boxes but it looks like an illusion and it looks quite complex. The thing I love about this cultural motif is that anyone can manage it yet it looks amazing. This is important to me because it shows that everyones art is unique in a different way, and it doesn’t have to be really complex in order to look good. This gave me a lot of inspiration to try new things out. I used to think that my artwork was bad because its too basic but this gave me inspiration and that is why I like it so much. My personal interest was in soccer and I showed this by putting soccer pitches into my prints which then in colour looked amazing because it really brought them to life as they were the colours they usually would be in real life. They also really helped balance the positive and negative space because soccer fields have a lot of empty space and so if I decided to print the goals and the halfway line there would still be a lot of negative space. If I chose the empty space as my positive space it would have had an equal amount of ink to what it was the other way round. I chose soccer because I have played it my whole life and it is my favourite sport. Also a lot of memories I have are from playing soccer with my friends and family and that is what really brought everyone together.


The artworks Elements

In my artwork I used very straight lines as well as curved lines because in the Egyptian design that I was inspired by, many of the lines were very straight which created shapes that have no curves but I decided I also wanted some curves in so I did and I think it looks great. Also the lines in the Egyptian motif they are quite thick and easy to carve so I used the same for my design and it worked out perfectly. In this unit we did polychromatic printing meaning that we printed with many colours. I printed in many colours to make my prints stand out. The pattern I created is I had the main print in the centre which was white ink on green paper and the reason I did this is because that is typically what colour a soccer field would look like and then from their I used lighter and darker shades of green paper to show the different ways a pitch could look during different types of weather. Then I started to use more blue colours because another sport which is similar to soccer is water polo and I actually quite like watching it so I decided to put that in the corners so there was a pattern with the blue colours in the corner and then the white  and green colours in the centre. The colour inks I used are: blue, turquoise, white. The colour papers I used are green, light green, dark green, light blue, misty blue. I created a pattern with these colours to show unity so the artwork fits together and is not just random. I really thought about how I could make a pattern with these colours and I decided on this as the final one because it looked the best from my perspective. It is ordered by in the corners there is the blue and then with each colour paper and ink it was 2 away from the same type of print. Then in the centre I had the main print which was what a soccer field would normally look like. My motif interlocks perfectly because throughout the whole process I used a ruler to make sure I was accurate and in the end it worked out. Also it interlocks in many places like the criss cross pattern and the straight line and the soccer fields.



In conclusion I am very proud of my work because it represents me well and it includes a lot of different aspects of my life. I used my experiences in life to draw and create an abstract piece of work because the criss cross pattern and the straight line pattern show that in my point of view sometimes soccer is smooth and nice to play and sometimes it is straight and quite serious.

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December 16

Visual Art Unit 1 Summative Reflection

This unit called Look at me is a unit about drawing self portraits and really learning how to draw 3 dimensional drawings of ourselves.

1babeaad-18a6-47d1-b2f0-c89ce9386ea3Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.37.12 AM

During this unit I learned many skills and one of those is shadows and highlights and another is proportion. I learnt that having really dark and light values really makes the drawing look 3 dimensional. You can see this well when you look at the hair it looks as though it is kind of sticking out and you think that you could just reach out and touch it. That is because when you look at someone depending on the light around them they will not be the same shade all the way round their face there will be dark and light parts and on their face so thats what the shadows and highlights are.  Also if you look at my original drawing you can see that the drawing looks 2D and that is because The face is not combined it is kind of like separate drawings put together you can tell this by looking at the proportion of the mouth compared to the eyes as the mouth is tiny and the eyes are about 2 times the size of the mouth. But when you look at the final drawing the proportions are right and it looks like a real face as the eyes mouth and nose are all the right size.


There were lots of times in this unit where I was behind or confused but I overcame a lot of those challenges by coming to open studio when I needed to. This was an Independent decision that I had to make as it was a great time to ask questions and really get a lot of work done. I found this helpful because I could walk in to class feeling confident as if I did not get my work done I could come in in the morning but this did not keep me from concentrating. A problem that I had was blending because whenever I blended too much on one part it would go over on to a highlight so then I would have to erase the part where the highlight was and blend around it until I got the perfect shade and highlights. Also at one part in the process we had to leave class early for soccer so I fell behind a bit but open studio fixed that as it gave us more time to develop our skills and work on our project. I also knew that when I went to soccer that I would have to come in and that was anticipating difficulties because otherwise if I did not come in it would come back to haunt me.


This portrait represents me well.

I think that my portrait represents me really well because it shows that I am quite serious but I have a fun side. I think that this is because of the detailing the mouth and also the values of the face because there is a dark side and light side and that can be me. Also the highlights in the hair kind of shows that I have quite bright hair because otherwise there would not be as many highlights as if your hair is brown or dark and so are the shadows you would not be able to realise. The eyes show that I can get quite tired if I have been working hard so this shows that I put in the effort to make my work look good at school. I think that one thing that misrepresents me is the serious look because I am not always serious but as I said before I can be serious. I think that you can tell a lot about me from just looking at this drawing as it has a lot of my individual details like quite light hair and things like that and you can notice that.

 I think that I showed that I am a good critical thinker because I would ask for help but when there was a teat or something and there was no talking I would kind of self assess myself and I would create a critique in my mind about things I could improve on. I think I could have been more creative even though I was creative during this process i could have added freckles as that would have represented me more and it would have looked more like me. I think that these little problems don’t really affect my drawing as people would realise it is me from just looking at it. I think that I could have been better by adding those little details that no one else have so then it would represent me better.

This unit look at me about self portrait drawing has been amazing thanks to Mr. Reed for teaching us amazing skills that I did not even know existed before. Before this unit I could not make a realistic 3 dimensional drawing but now from learning skills like highlights and shadows I can draw a realistic 3 dimensional portrait of my self. If I redid this unit I would definitely focus more on the little details.

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