June 1

Drama movie audio trailer

In drama, recently we have been continuing our unit of modulation and sound. Before this project we were really just focusing on our voice and that is why we did a speech but after that project we started to look at sound effects and more computer generated sounds although we still incorporated speech into our movie trailer because they are the voices of characters and every movie needs characters, otherwise a story can’t develop. My expression in the trailer was ok but at times you could tell it was me because I didn’t really put on a voice and it kind of took away from the trailer.


We have been especially working and looking at these skills and parts of a trailer: Voice Over Narration, Conflict, Character voices in dialogue grabs, Action Sequences, Action sound effects, Human Drama, Music (soundtrack), No Plot Spoilers, Title & Slogan (catchy phrase), Usual Funny Moment, and the Release Date & Location. In our movie trailer I was the narrator, meaning that I helped clarify what was happening in the scene, I was also involved in a lot of the sound effects and I continuously came up with new ideas to make our trailer interesting.

I think that my best skills were doing the voiceover narration and the action sound effects because I put on quite a deep voice when the scene was very serious but as it came to the end I put in a comedy moment by going against stereotypes and I put on a very jolly voice and said “terms and conditions apply” this was to make the audience feel as though the film would finish happily but then we added more to the trailer which made the audience wonder what was going to happen in the film and how it was all going to end. If we were to actually make the film I think there would have to be a sequel because this was kind of the intro to the whole story and the mystery was about what was going to happen on the 17th year of him killing victims. Also I contributed a lot to the sound effects by thinking of a lot of different sound effects which would typically be in a horror film, for example: The Tv is static but there is audio to it and the clock ticking slowly to represent that it seems as though time is slowing down and it is running out. This makes the audience think that someone’s time is up, which in this case is true. Also another reason why I chose these skills because at the start when there was the creepy music in the background, I tried to speak in a very mysterious way so that the audience could not predict what was coming up but they knew that something bad was going to happen. Also all the sound effects were appropriate because they weren’t random and they were in a chronological order so it flowed although the editing of the trailer was bad so they seemed separated and that there was no flow.

I think that I should improve on not spoiling the plot because at times I kind of gave away a lot of key information and I let the audience know who was a victim to Jared (the murderer) which left no room to continue that part on and so we would have to change it so it was an action/horror movie because they go on this adventure to find out who’s behind this killing, and what will happen in two years time. We could also have the parents come back in the actual movie if we continued it but then it kind of loses the whole horror effect and then it becomes more of a crime scene investigation movie instead of a ghost story. Also I would improve on movie editing because it seemed very separated and the sounds did not always flow, this took away some of the horror effect because when you can tell something is cut and put together you know that it is a fake story because you know someone put it together but when the movie is smooth and the sounds fit together perfectly then it makes the audio and the movie sound a lot more realistic.

Another trailer which was captivating was Louisiana Bones  because the sounds fit together perfectly  and it really sounded as though it was a real trailer. Also I liked it because it was a comedy action movie which you don’t see a lot but they made a trailer for one and it sounds really funny. If it came out in cinemas I would go and watch it because it was so smooth and the narrator had a great voice for it as well as the characters put on a voice and did not keep their same voice so even we could not recognise some of their voices. I think that all in all there movie trailer was well structured and well put together although they could work on making it a bit longer because it was so much fun to listen to but it finished so fast. The reason why I didn’t choose “The Dad” is because I found it hard to follow the plot and I didn’t really know what was happening.

I would rate myself a 6 out of 8 because I feel as though I contributed a lot to the making of the trailer and I was quite a good narrator although I could improve by putting on a deeper voice and becoming more of a narrator like voice because I was recognisable. Also I shouldn’t have given away the murderer part but that was what we decided to do as a group.

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May 17

Drama important person speech

During this topic in Drama we have been doing modulation. We have taken lots of different aspects of speech and applying them into our own speech. We had to choose an important person to us and we had to talk about them and how much they mean to us and why they are so amazing.  Here is my video, I talked about my old friend Jack in Singapore and our journey together as great friends.

We have been looking at skills such as volume, pitch, pace, pause, projection, emphasis, posture, gesture, facial expression, use of palm card and content. These are the things that bring your speech to life, they do this by really adding more detail into words and also it helps people know that you mean what you are saying. In my speech I aimed to use as many of these skills as possible so that people believed in what I was saying and so they knew that I really cared about the topic. I think that my best skill was my pitch and pace because I went at a steady pace and I also was talking in quite a low voice at times to let my audience know that I was quite sad about leaving him. Also I varied my pace depending on the mood of the speech, this was shown towards the end when I said the quote I tried to slow down to make it more meaningful and emotional.


I think that one main skill that I really need to work on is posture because a lot of the time I was not standing up straight, I was quite bent. Also I was kind of walking on the spot a lot of the time and this kind of suggested that I wanted to do something else but I didn’t because it was showing that I didn’t put in that final bit of effort to have the correct posture, when I wanted to have the correct posture. Also something I should work on facial expression because I had quite a neutral face throughout the entire speech.


I would rate myself a 7 and a 6 because I was very confident in speaking and I did well on using most of the skills. If I were to redo this speech I would do something difference for the middle section of my speech because I kind of ran out of things to say for what happened in our relationship.

Another speech that was captivating was Regev’s because it really made me think about him in a different way especially when he said that he moved here two years ago without knowing how to speak english and now he is almost fluent in english. I also found that he paced his speech well and he did a good job on emphasising words. He was very clear in what he was saying and he was not messing around which was great. All in all Regev had a well structured and meaningful speech which I found quite moving.

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March 24

Improvisation tournament

I think that my groups most successful performance was statues because it included a lot of comedy and we accepted each others ideas. Although at the end of the scene we started to create two groups and talk over each other.


We accepted each others ideas by incorporating them into our scene for eg. When Rob built off the start by making it into a film scene, I accepted by acting like the owner of the film company who wasn’t getting what he had ordered to be made. Another way I accepted was when we were put into position my position was a person sat down who was confused and angry and I think that I accepted that really well by getting into a character who was an owner of a big film company who was not happy with what he saw.


I think that one thing that I could have improved is not being nervous and to get involved in the scene more, this is because it seems as though I was kind of holding back and I could have gotten into character more by acting more professional as a film company owner.  I could improve my performance by doing a more uniformed ending with a bow. I also could put on a voice to make my character more realistic because I spoke in a similar way to my normal self.


I could use this game for performance because it really helps you to go with the flow. This is because whoever starts the scene decides on what it will be based and they are responsible for the introduction to the scene. Even if you weren’t thinking of doing what they said you have to continue on and play along. Also it taught me that confidence and teamwork are very important because if one person starts the scene off with “what is this”, then everyone is put in an awkward position to try and create a scene and that is what causes people to talk over one another.


Overall  I think I would give myself a 7 for criteria C  and B because I thought of a good idea to get involved in the scene and it really developed the scene because Rob then took that idea and made it into one of the main ideas of the scene. Also I developed a lot of speech skills in this because I learnt to speak up and I also learnt to go along with the flow because when something didn’t go the way I thought it would I went along with it and it created a great scene, this was shown at the start when Rob said it was a film shoot I went along with that by acting like the owner of the company. I fell as though I contributed a lot to the team and I learnt a lot more about drama and acting that is why I gave myself these grades.

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March 3

Drama Improvisation offer and accept scenes reflection.

Recently in drama we have been working on improvisation. Improvisation is a type of acting where you make it up as you go along so when you start the scene you don’t know what is going to happen during the scene but as the story progresses so does your character as you become more realistic. There is also practiced improv which is when you know the main idea of the story but you add ideas as you go along (like the speech).  In improvisation the actors offer each other ideas, this can be both verbally or physically. If the other actor accepts it leads to a great scene but when they deny or block the offer, the scene dies or fades away. This is bad acting if the scene dies off because it leaves them with nothing to say and the scene gets slower and does not flow making it boring for the audience to watch.

When you offer an idea in drama the other actor  has the choice to accept or block. Blocking is when you say no and that scene does not start. Accepting is when you say something like yes when someone says something so you don’t just block their idea. In drama you should never block offers you should always accept because when you block the scene is stopped and you have to completely change the scene which slows the scene down and makes it less enjoyable for the audience to watch because they have to watch you standing around waiting for another idea to be offered. This takes a while if the actors are beginners and even the professionals take a while to create a new scene which is related to the last one because if you just create a new random scene, the audience has to realise that the scene has changed and it would not make sense if you went from something like the topic of aliens to a school day. This would make no sense and it would confuse everyone from the actors to the audience unless it is part of the plot. 

In drama naming the obvious is essential (especially in improvisation) because when you say what the object is then the audience and your fellow actors know what the object is and giving everyone a better idea of what the scene is about. If you do not name the obvious then no one will know what you are talking about and the other actor/s will have to try to play along with the scene without knowing what they are talking about. Naming the obvious is where you say what something is, not saying “it” or “thing”. For e.g. “Look at that Diamond its so bright!” (you know that the actors are talking about a diamond because it is named, this is an example of naming the obvious.) This is a bad example of naming the obvious: “Look at that, its so shiny!” (because you don’t know what they are talking about.)

Sharing the story is when you and the other actors contribute  evenly to the scene and you don’t take over. You should always share the story with fellow actors otherwise you “steal the show” and if you do share the story then the scene flows nicely and it’s a team effort. When you leave a fellow actor out they are left with nothing to do on stage (because you are acting on you’re own) people in the audience wonder what they are doing on stage.  If you share the story each actor contributes equally and the story is more in depth. Sharing the story allows more opportunities for everyone and it makes it easier to create a great scene. Sharing the story is when all actors contribute to the story. The more people the more opportunities to create a new issue or part of the story making it more interesting and in depth for the audience. This is essential because it makes everyone happy when you share the story because you do not take over leaving everyone else with nothing to do.

Staying in character is another important part of improvisation because it allows the scene to develop and a lot of the time you will find that, as the story progresses you will become more of a detailed character and you will really get into it. Staying in character is also important because the scene will make more sense if you’re character fits with the scene. It would not make sense to be yourself when there is a battle in the scene if you are a student at Y.I.S because you do not fit with the story. So you have to make it look like you are an archer or someone like that and then your character will fit with the story. This applies for any scene can be different type of  character. If you do not act like your character then the scene is boring because no one imagines who you are or what you do because it is not obvious who you are supposed to be.  Being in character is when you act like someone else who  fits the story so for example if it’s a castle scene you could be a knight, King, etc.

Me and Rob  both accepted each others ideas by never denying and we were synchronised this was shown a lot in the first scene when we opened the cupboard and Rob thought it was a puppy so I accepted it and then we modified it together at the end by making it change into something else. I also offered many ideas in the second scene like “there was blood on the carpet before” this gave the opportunity to build something new like an investigation scene but sadly we did not have enough time to fit that in. Even though we couldn’t have built a huge scene their and then we still continued that idea on because he accepted my idea and the scene flowed smoothly. Also you will notice that in the first scene our reactions were very synchronised, meaning that we were in time which made the scene look like it had been practiced a lot when we really didn’t. I think that me and Rob both accepted each others ideas very nicely and we built off them to create a great scene. This was because we did offer+ accept= scene.

I think that next time I could maybe get into character a bit more because it was not very clear in the second one until I basically named the obvious so that people knew who I was. Also I could choose a different type of scene that does not involve violence because the story can get quite predictable and also violence does not have much story behind it making it hard to create a very detailed scene. Also violence can be considered offensive to some people so I could change that. I also think that maybe I could be faster at reacting to the scene because in the second scene when Rob came in it took me a while to realise so it was a bit awkward me just standing there for like a few seconds when I could have reacted making the scene flow nicer and faster.





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February 4

Improv Games

The game I found is called freeze and Justify. It is a very simple game but is challenging for the actors.

To Play:

The group should stand or sit around the room or space for acting.

Then two people enter the middle of the room and begin to improvise using as much movement and dialogue as they can.

Then one person in the crowd says “freeze” and the actors have to stop exactly where they were.

Then the person who said freeze taps an actor on the shoulder.

The actor who was tapped sits down and moves to the outside of the area and then the new actor goes into the old actors  position.

Then  the actors have to create a completely new scene from the positions they are in.

At any moment the crowd can say freeze and it goes again.

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