September 10



I feel as though I am meeting my goal but I should still continue on this goal as I could speed up more.

My goal:

My goal is to manage my time better, especially in tests because sometimes I don’t finish my work or I need to rush my work because I run out of time.

Recently I have been doing good on completing my goal except for today because I did not write the test that we had in French in my calendar so I came in unaware but I still think that I did a good job . In maths I have been managing my time a lot better and this was shown because I have improved my grades and I am now finishing the tests.


Sequencing My goal

Look at my schedule a week in advance so I can prepare for tests.  ————-> Write each test on my calendar when we are warned by the teacher about it so I can study.  ————> I could try to do practice small worksheets that are timed to become faster at writing and typing.  ———-> I could get used to writing neatly as well as writing fast. ———-> Pack my bag the night before school and check it so I do not spend 10 minutes in the morning doing it. ———–> Have a notification go off every morning and afternoon about tests and the work I had to do.


Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 9.06.01 AM


I want to do my homework 2 nights before the due date so then I can finish it without staying up for a bit longer. I will know that is done because every time I do it I will post a paragraph on my goals page so people can see the date I did it.


I think I have done a better job at being more organised with my homework because a few days ago I did all my homework in one night so then later on in the week I had a bit of time to just relax and do what I wanted. Also another thing I have done is I have emptied my bag out and now I only take the things I need into school so that my bag is not really heavy.

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I have done well at accomplishing my goal because I do my homework the night I get it so then later on I have free time to play with my friends. My next step is to memorise my schedule so then I do not need to ask my friend s what we have next and I can go to my class knowing that I am going to the right class.

I have not completed my goal of memorising my schedule but I am close enough to memorising my schedule so I do not need to ask anyone what I have next. My next goal is a goal for being principled. My goal is to stop and think about what I am going to do instead of just doing it because I am usually all up for the idea of doing awesome activities but I sometimes just do it, not really thinking about my safety.






I think my goal now is to be a bit faster at working so I can get things in earlier and I can get rid of all the stress on my shoulders. I can do this by practicing for subjects more at home and then I am confident in all my classes for the next day. I will record this by taking a picture of work that I needed to do at home so the objective is to have less pictures of work I have had to do at home.




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