September 10

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SLC Questions

How did you demonstrate this skill


what do you want to improve?


I showed this skill in the volleyball unit during my interview with Mr. Thomas about a volleyball situation, and what it looked like, sounded like, felt like, and more. The way in which I showed this skill was through great detail, while also summarizing what I had to say so that I did not go on too much, because that is what I have had trouble with this year, making sure that I don’t write or talk too much, and summarizing my work so that it still includes great detail, just not as much writing or talking.


Information literacy

I need to improve on this skill in individuals and societies as I often struggle to find just the information which is needed, and based on my research questions, as I feel the need to go past the task requirements to get a high level of achievement. An example of this is my most recent project, the comic book of a Renaissance Man/Woman, as for my research sheet, I wrote much more than what was necessary, not just for the questions, but for the background information as well, so when it came to making my comic, a lot of information was not used.


I showed this skill in one of my most recent projects in math, the Pythagoras videos, as I worked together with Kai and Jared well, and created a final product that we were all proud of. Although, I still think that I need to improve on sharing the work, as I ended up feeling as though I had done a lot of the work at home, without my teammates, and that went against part of the objective of the assignment which was that it was a group project and not individual.

Creative thinking

I showed this skill in my visual Art project when I needed to show my intention, as I wanted to show how  Japan has shaped to become a city dominated country, yet small incorporations of nature. I did this by taking a photo in Yokohama just outside the station at night, where the street was filled with bright lights, and cars, but I put the camera at an angle so that you could see the bushes which are the nature part of the city.

Critical thinking

I showed this skill in my design unit this semester, as I had to recreate a character of my choice and decide why it had to be recreated/designed. I showed this when coming up for a reason as to why Darla was to be recreated because I said that she was too stereotypical, and I thought of different reasons of what made her visually unappealing and how to recreate her design so that she would become more popular.

Creative thinking

I also showed Creative thinking in my music summative, as I thought of a way of showing my melody map through one of my favorite sports, basketball. I did this by recording different clips of different skills, and I put them together and had a key which showed what the clip meant inside the music. Also, I tried to make it funny through including some fails as part of the melody map which people thought was extremely creative.


I would like to improve this skill in English because when we had to finish our banned book, I left half of it for the final night which I also had a basketball game on, and although I finished it, I cut it down to the wire a bit too much. This made me want to be more organized, as I was afraid of not finishing the book, and if I had finished it earlier, I would not have the stress of finishing half of it in 1 night.


Although I mentioned before that I have been successful in communicating, I still need to improve on this in both science and French, as I often have a hard time summarizing my work in Science, and in French, I sometimes discover small mistakes which can change the meaning of a word completely. An example of where I had trouble communicating was in my metals in technology blog post, as I included too much detail, making my work look almost like a big news article instead of a blog post.

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