Unit 3 Self-Critique

This unit, we worked on making an abstract portrait of someone close to us, that we know well. We chose what we were going to express about the person, then chose some pictorial elements, which are colour, setting, objects, direction of gaze, facial expression, clothing, and pose, and used them in our portrait. We also chose an influence to our portrait, like an artist, or a style of portraiture.

The person I chose to draw a portrait of was my dad, and he’s important to me because he’s taught me many things and always helped me, so I chose him, and I used the pixel art style of portraiture, because he likes old technology and games, where lots of things were very pixelated and you could see each pixel seperately. I expressed the idea that he liked retro video games, by making the setting inside a game center with lots of arcade machines, and making him have a happy facial expression.

The pictorial elements I chose were setting, objects, and facial expression. Setting is the way the background looks, and where it is, so if I drew a farm, it would represent my dad and how he lived with a farm. If I placed lots of different animals in the farm, it would show that the farm my dad lived in had lots of different animals in it through the pictorial element of objects. Facial expression is the way somebody looks on their face. If my dad’s facial expression was upset, it would mean that he was upset about whatever was happening at that time or place. I used the setting to show that he liked games by putting him in a game center. I used objects, by placing arcade cabinets all around him, to show that he likes retro-style games. I used facial expression to show that he is always happy, and that he likes arcades a lot. A style of portraiture that influenced my abstract portrait was pixel art, as it also represents my dad’s love for retro games, so I drew the picture in the pixel art style.

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