Unit One Empires Reflection

Backward Reflection

Before we started this unit, I really didn’t know anything about empires or colonisation, except that colonies were areas that were taken by empires.

Inward Reflection

A part of the presentation I particularly like is how much information we could get for our script, and how accurate our information was, considering how few sources we could find on the Dutch Empire, so I think we had some pretty good research skills.

Outward Reflection

The one thing I want people to notice about the presentation is how detailed it was, without it being very boring; the way we communicated our research in a simple, balanced way.

Forward Reflection

If I did the presentation again, I would polish it and make it neater, as it was a bit rushed and unorganised. I would try to have better self-management skills, to have more time, to make it easier to understand.

Research Sheet


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