The Causes And Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was caused by two big factors; the Embargo Act of 1807 and the War of 1812. The president at the time, Thomas Jefferson, set the Embargo Act of 1807 during the Napoleonic Wars, in which Britain’s navy had taken Americans and their cargo to help with the war. At the time, America was neutral, but when Britain forced American sailors into their army, Thomas Jefferson issued the Embargo of 1807 to restrict trade with any other countries, especially England and France. This was to make them respect America’s neutrality, and stop taking their men, but instead, America lost a lot of economy, and ended up having to produce their own goods. The War of 1812 was a war between Native Americans and Americans, because of American expansion. The Americans would’ve easily gotten rid of the Native Americans, but Britain aided the Native Americans by supplying them with weapons, like guns. This was the point where everyone realised that the United States needed better economic independence, as well as better transportation systems, and so America needed to manufacture their own goods to have economic independence, hence the start of the Industrial Revolution.


Flow chart of the main aspects of the Industrial Revolution


Brainframe of the effects of the Industrial Revolution

Unit One Empires Reflection

Backward Reflection

Before we started this unit, I really didn’t know anything about empires or colonisation, except that colonies were areas that were taken by empires.

Inward Reflection

A part of the presentation I particularly like is how much information we could get for our script, and how accurate our information was, considering how few sources we could find on the Dutch Empire, so I think we had some pretty good research skills.

Outward Reflection

The one thing I want people to notice about the presentation is how detailed it was, without it being very boring; the way we communicated our research in a simple, balanced way.

Forward Reflection

If I did the presentation again, I would polish it and make it neater, as it was a bit rushed and unorganised. I would try to have better self-management skills, to have more time, to make it easier to understand.

Research Sheet


Review On Road Trip To Savings

The only thing I learned from this game was that it makes no sense and teaches you nothing else.

The audience is towards people who like playing illogically hard games, because that’s what it is.

People shouldn’t play this game unless they like playing illogical, random, and nonsensical games.

I don’t know what the point of the game is, as it makes no sense.

It wasn’t fun for me, even though I like difficult games, because it was really random and didn’t have any logic to the way it’s played.

I’d give it a really bad rating.

My Summer Economic Plan


Research Question How much money can I save in 10 days from doing chores, and how often should I do what chores?
Why is this my Research Question? I chose this question because I want to see exactly how much I can save in a set period of time, on average, to know what to expect when I want to buy something, and to know how long it would take to make that money.
My Plan Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.18.07 PM
My Research It will cost some of my time and effort, but will earn me some money, which I can use to buy things. I could be doing other things with my time, but to see how much money I make by following a schedule for 10 days is worth the time, and afterwards I can still do other things.
My Decision, and Why I will do this, to see how much money I can make by following a set schedule over the course of 10 days, and see how much money I earn per 10 days.

My summer economic plan is to do chores and save money for 10 days to see how much money I can save on average, over a set period of time. First I want to figure out what chores I could do to earn money, then ask my parents if they would pay me for doing these chores, and if so, how much money for each chore, and how frequently. Then I do these chores over a set period of time, which is 10 days, and afterwards, I know how much money I’ll get over 10 days, and I will be able to use this plan to know how long it’ll take to save up for something.


I’ll do this plan because I’ll be able to know how many days I need to get enough money to buy something if I’m saving up money and doing chores to get something.

The Travel Game

Photo on 4-29-16 at 12.04 PM

This game is a simulation game where you are able to travel to different areas via different methods to buy and sell things. There are 5 stores that people will go to to buy and sell things, and make money off of business. However, some places cannot be reached from certain locations, and you must have people trade things from other stores to your store. This is what gives this game an element of difficulty and challenge to get what you want.

Water Shortage Will Cause Conflict

Some people say that lack of water will become a serious issue and cause large conflict between many communities. I agree with this, as there are may things that show that this is a possible problem for the future.

One thing is that many people in certain countries and areas in the world have lacking water supplies for many different reasons. One is that getting water is too expensive to do, making it not affordable in some areas of the world, hence causing a lack of water supply. One reason this could happen if the closest water reservoir is really far away, and shipping it or sending it over is too expensive to do.

Another reason is that maybe you actually have loads of water, but the water itself is undrinkable, making you have a shortage of clean water. A reason this might happen is if you were living in an area near a lake, sea, or ocean. A way to solve this would be to have water desalination plants to treat the water and make it drinkable, but once again, there is the possibility that the area hasn’t got much money, and can’t afford to have water desalination plants.

From all of this, we can see that the main reasons for water shortage seem to be not being able to afford what is needed to have clean, drinkable water. When people start running out of more and more money, meaning that they will be able to afford less and less water, it will cause conflict, and people will want water in countries where there are serious shortages of water. Even now, people are fighting and conflicting over who gets what water or not.

Approaches To Learning Skills I Used In Individuals And Societies

I think I used good communication and organisation skills effectively in Individuals and Societies, because I made the information I shared easy to understand and clear, while also making it easy to find and look clean, not a mess. I think I had trouble thinking creatively, and that I wasn’t good at thinking of how I can make something work if something doesn’t go where I want it to.

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