March 2

Charlie’s Drama offer and accept


6A Drama- Offer Accept Scene5 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


1. What is improvisation?
improvisation is when you have very little time to prepare, and you kind of make up the story while you act on stage, but you have to offer and accept.

2. Explain these four concepts and why they are important to improvisation

-Always accept, don’t block – this is important because if you block the story cant go on and the scene would be awkward.
-Name it – this important so the audience knows what you are talking about.
-Share the story – this means that every body on the stage has to have a part. this is important because everybody has to have a part.
-Stay in character – It is important to stay in character because if you are one character and then suddenly a different character, the audience would be confused.

3. How did I use offer and acceptance in your improvisation?
Liam gave me an offer by inviting me to starbucks, and then I said yes, which is offer and accept.
4. In what ways could I improve my performance and my improv skills? – I could improve by learning more about offer and accept.