April 30

Art Unit two blog post

Strengths and weaknesses


In  this unit, I think I did well on designing my motif, and creating a colour pattern. The motif really described me and, and looked pretty good. I also think I did well on my carving, because I thought ahead and wondered what it would look like if I did this and did that. My weakness was printing. I think I was a bit careless about my work, and if I made a mistake I would just not care about it and move on. I regret printing carelessly now, because my final motif looks a bit unfinished.

creative thinking

i think this unit I did well on sketching my plan out first, because if I didn’t it would just look like a complete mess. My creative thinking really showed who I am, by putting in lots of ideas and my interests. I likes how i made the BB8 symbol look like a celtic design, and if you interlock the sides together the youtube sign will appear.

cultural influence and personal interests

For my cultural influence and personal interests, I chose celtic and islamic design. My personal interests were star wars and youtube. I liked how I made the BB8 symbol look like a celtic design, and around it and islamic design. it did not come out very well because i did a bad job on printing. The first time I planned out my motif, I did not like how it showed too much personal interest and not enough cultural interest. So as a solution, I made some of the personal interests look like cultural influences, and made it look good. star wars and youtube are important to me, because they are something I have been interested into for a long time, and therefore I chose them. I liked the cultural influences because I thought they had a unique style, and I chose them.

Artwork’s Elements

I liked how my positive and negative space was clear and not confusing to tell apart. Also, My lines were good how they were both thick and thin, so you can tell which parts have a soft feeling, and a hard feeling to it. I chose the colours Green Blue and yellow. I chose them because i am a seattle seahawks fan, and their team colours are blue and green. I also picked yellow, because it complements the other colours. My colour plan is all green and blue, and it has a diagonal line of yellow going across it. my artwork interlocks very well. When it interlocks completely it looks like one big picture, with different colours all over the place.