May 16

Symbol English

I think that the treasure in the movie Indiana Jones raiders of the lost ark symbolises greed. I think this because everyone is fighting for it, and not really caring about what they are doing. The whole movie is people fighting for treasure, and I think That treasure is a sign of wealth.
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May 15

drama speech reflection

On my speech, I think I did very well on explaining how I feel about my important person. It is something that i usually don’t say, so it was cool for me that I could explain wit very well. I also think I did well on giving examples because when I talked about my move to japan I think the audience could understand how I felt more.

my weaknesses were trying to get straight to the point with my purpose of my speech. At the first part I said something that I didn’t need to be in my speech. Overall, I rate myself a 6/8. I got a 7/8, which i don’t really think I deserve, but don’t change it, because I like it!

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May 11

English Sound Filming

this video’s emotion is fear. The sound right before the jump scare is complete silence, and then a scream and very loud scary sounds come and scare you. I tried watching without the scary sounds and I did not get as scared as i did with the sound on.

The emotion in this scene is hope, because of all of the cheering in the background, and the sound of everyone getting ready to fight. Also the music is very cheerful, and is filled with confidence.

the emotion for this video is joy, because of the happy music in the background, and the noise that R2D2 makes. His beep is very cheerful. Also chewbacca’s roar is very cool.

May 5

film making Angles

We started a new unit on film making. Here we practiced angles. there are lots of different types of angles, and they can show the emotion of the scene or character.

This is a low angleIMG_1416 this is a close-up IMG_1418 this is a long shotIMG_1421 this is a tilt IMG_1425 IMG_1430 IMG_1435 this is a bird’s eye viewIMG_1444this is a worm’s eye view IMG_1448 IMG_1449