June 10

Art unit 3 critique

The subject of my painting is all of the objects in the background that describe the person that I am drawing. The person that I drew was my friend Kenny, and I chose him because he was my best friend back in america, and his personality is easy to express out in painting. His personality is always bright, and usually does not care about what other people care about him, and always finds something good in everything. The objects I drew was food. I drew food because he loved eating, and he absolutely loved cheetos.

one element from my painting was the food. I drew pancakes in the setting because whenever he came to our house for a sleepover, we would have pancakes and he ate 36 pancakes in one morning. no joke. I chose pop art, because I felt like his freckles matched the dots in pop art. Also, the maroon symbol in the picture was his football team, and sometimes when I asked him if he wanted to hang out, he would say he had football practice.




PARAGRAPH 1 Explain the subject of your painting.
— Who is the subject? Why did you choose this person? Why are they important to you?
— What did you express about this person? (example: their personality? something they like or are interested in? something they did or achieved? their feelings or emotion?) BE SPECIFIC.

PARAGRAPH 2 Explain how you communicated your ideas.
— Which 2 or 3 pictorial elements did you use to express your ideas? Describe each one in detail. What does each of these elements express about your subject? BE SPECIFIC.
— What artist or movement or style influenced you? How did you use this influence in your painting. GIVE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES.