November 2

My expedition reflection

What did I enjoy?

I really enjoyed being able to just hang out with my friends and have lots of fun.

What did I do well?

I did well trying to make new friends and meeting new people.

What challenges did I face?

trying new things, like new food and new activities.

What did I learn about living and working in a community?

I learned that you can do well by yourself, but you could do better in a team.

How did I grow?

i learned how to do a lot more things.

Why are the Expeditions an important part of our schooling?

to learn how to build a community far away from home, and take a break from all the boring learning.

What skill/idea/goal that I began to work on during the expedition, do I want to continue with at school this year?
You might like to include some of the photos taken by the teachers to illustrate your post (try and include relevant images) or include some of your own.

I want to continue hiking and biking big mountains because it was really fun.


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