November 4

Charlie’s Reflection I&S Empires


In what ways do you think you need to improve?

I think that I have to organize what I am working on, because sometimes I don’t know if i finished a part, and i will do the same part twice. Also, sometimes I find really good information and then I don’t write it down, and forget it later. If I organize what I am working on, the I might get my work done faster and make it more detailed.


Did you meet your standards?

Yes, I did better than my standards, and I think it is because I improved my research skills, and found better information in this project.


if you were the teacher, what comments would you give about this piece?

I would say that we did everything that was necessary but could have just stayed on one subject for each part, because we kind of changed the subject. Also, we did a good job on explaining how everything happened.


What is one goal you will set for yourself next time?

I want to be more organized, and make everything in my presentation more clear for the audience to understand better.



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