April 19

Kale superfood project

What nutrients are in your superfood, and what do they do?

I chose kale for my superfood. In kale, the two nutrients that I focused on are calcium and thiamin (also known as vitamin B1.) Kale contains 40 grams of calcium and 12.320 grams of thiamin. Kale also happens to contain iron, magnesium, zinc, sodium, Vitamin K and A (IU), and many more healthy nutrients. Most of these nutrients do a good job of blood clotting. Calcium’s role is not only to keep the bones healthy and strong, but it helps send messages to the brain and activates muscles.  The problem with calcium is that your body cannot produce any calcium by itself. This is why it is important to eat foods that contain a lot of calcium, such as kale. Without calcium, our bones will become very weak and can become injured quicker. Also, it can prevent blood clotting, and that means that if a blood vessel is injured, you can lose a lot more blood than your body needs. Thiamin is a type of vitamin b, and vitamin b converts nutrients into energy. Thiamin is a good vitamin to eat before you exercise.

What are some other foods that contain those nutrients?

I compared bok choi (Chinese cabbage) with kale because they both have around the same amount of calcium. They both contain 40 grams of calcium. However, even though kale does not have more calcium, bok choi specializes in calcium, and kale is too good that he has the power of tying with the “special calcium food”, and exceeding with more nutrients such as vitamin a and b. I also compared kale with rice. White rice has 0.115 grams of Thiamine, and kale has 12.320 grams. The reason I picked white rice over any other food with thiamine in it was because white rice has many similarities with kale, such as calcium and carbohydrates. However, white rice has 28 grams of carbohydrates, and kale has 11 grams, but considering that kale is not a wheat, it has a lot of carbohydrates for being a vegetable. Not only are some of the nutrients equal, so is the price. A normal serving of rice costs $2.44, when a batch of kale costs $2.49.

What are some issues with kale?

Kale is super healthy, and contains lots of nutrients, but I admit it is not the taste for someone under the age of 13. Personally, when I was 9 and my mom put kale on my plate, I would always avoid it because of the bitter taste and the weird feeling it leaves in your mouth. I know this is not just me who thinks this, because the same thing applied to my sister and friends. Kale tastes best if they are fried and turned into kale chips with a little bit of salt.

What is wrong with the term “superfood”?

I Do not think there is such thing as a superfood because every food has it’s ups and downs. Even though kale is very healthy, some other foods that are considered “superfoods” are not very super. Bananas are considered superfoods, and there are many more foods that are healthier than bananas. The term is used for marketing. I would recommend eating kale chips over kale, because younger kids would enjoy eating it, and it would still contain the same amount of nutrients. I would choose kale over bok choi, but i would choose rice over kale because it contains more nutrients that are necessary for survival, such as carbohydrates.


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April 11

Charlie, Kai and Theo’s cookie reflection

As members of GIN CAS, we wanted to make the homeless people happy. We discussed different methods of how we could do that and came up with an excellent solution. We wanted baked cookies with the money red and white gave us, but we didn’t have any place or the tools to bake them. Dragon Dining to the rescue! They let us borrow their oven and other utilities to bake them and make homeless people happy. It only took 2 hours because we also got help from the chefs as well. It was a great success and we could not have done it without the help from red and white, dragon dining, and google. THANKS! Here are some of the photos we took. 



April 6

I&S child labor





Robert Dickens is a 7 year old boy who works in a factory. He has been working since he was 6 years old. He is the oldest of a single mother and two younger sisters. He goes to factories because his whole family depends on him making money. He hates it, but he gets a roof over his head, money, and flood. The factory is run by a very bad man. If you even stop for 1 second doing your job and he spots you, he gets the “stinger” and whips you hard on the back. Robert has scars from his past experiences. Every day he wakes up at 4 am and does chores for his family. At 5 sharp he has to be at his station in the factory or else he gets whipped. There he spends 16 hours of his day doing his job. His job is to spin a very heavy lever all day long to operate a wool making machine. Every day he wishes that he had the courage to stand up for himself and tell the boss he hates his job and wants the work to be easier. If only he had the courage.


Child labor is not right and we can find many other ways to operate machines. People do not have to abuse children to make them work. Your childhood is important, and you shouldn’t waste the whole thing on being abused. Kids can get seriously injured or even die if they are overworked. They are forced to work basically everyday and make very little money each week. It is not right to hurt kids to do their job, or hurt kids in general. For example, a boy, Robert Dickens is a 7 year old who works in a factory he is forced to spin a very heavy lever for 16 hours straight with no breaks, If he stops, he gets whipped. This is why child labor is terrible.