June 1

Drama trailer reflection

In this unit, my best skill was organisation. I think I did well on this because I was good at scripting for what we are going to say next, and putting the sounds in order so they sound good. We as a team wrote down the script and what we should say, and I made it so it is easy to understand and clear for my team mates. I think without good organisation our trailer ,ay have been a mess.

I should improve on listening to my team mates, because sometimes I felt like only I had the right idea and my team mates had the wrong idea. If I can improve interacting with my team mates more it could make the trailer better, because it has a good idea from all of us, instead of just one good idea from me and shutting everyone out.

I rate my movie trailer as 6/8 because it was good that we did what was required, but some parts were a bit hard to understand and boring. Another trailer that appealed ┬áto me was kota’s group, because i can tell from the trailer that they worked very hard on it, and the music in the background fit the trailer perfectly. I would rate theirs a 7/8.





1. My best skill was….. because….
2. I should improve on…. because….
3. I would rate my movie trailer as ? out of 8
Choose another trailer which appealed to you, and answer this question focussing on the key aspect that was appealing:
3. Another movie trailer which was captivating was…. because….

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May 15

drama speech reflection

On my speech, I think I did very well on explaining how I feel about my important person. It is something that i usually don’t say, so it was cool for me that I could explain wit very well. I also think I did well on giving examples because when I talked about my move to japan I think the audience could understand how I felt more.

my weaknesses were trying to get straight to the point with my purpose of my speech. At the first part I said something that I didn’t need to be in my speech. Overall, I rate myself a 6/8. I got a 7/8, which i don’t really think I deserve, but don’t change it, because I like it!

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