January 24

Grade 7 ATL skills


I think I used collaboration well in a lot of projects. I think I am good with this because I am not shy to share my ideas, and sharing ideas can really help improving a partner project. An example of a partner project I did good on was the slideshow about how England influenced Kenya for I&S. My partner and I chose what information each of us had to collect, and wrote them down on a google doc. Another project I did well on collaboration with was my dance project for PE. My partner and I had to create half of our dance each, and then one partner would learn the other partner’s dance and connect the two so it would become one big performance. The reason why I did well on this was because we made each of our individual dances connect with one another’s, so when we had to connect the two, it did not look like one dance randomly changed to another.



A project that I think I used collaboration a lot in was my mime assessment in drama. It was a partner project and each of us had to help each other in order to create a 5 minute mime performance. Because we could not talk during our performance, literally, we had to plan everything before we had to preform it. We made hand signals to communicate during the performance so we know what scene we were going to do next. I also think I used communication when we were doing the algebra chapters in our notebooks for math. We were given questions that we needed to answer from a textbook and solved them. It was an individual assessment, but I finished my work faster than some other people so I could help other people who were not finished yet. This used communication because they told me what they needed help with and I would help them.

Mime performance


I used research very well in some subjects. For example, in Japanese class, we were individually assigned a prefecture in Japan, and had to make a brochure of what is interesting about our assigned prefecture. I needed to use my research skills to find good information to put in my brochure. I think I do a good job going to the right websites that can give me good information and being able to tell if a website is giving me false information. In science, we had to research about conflict minerals inside our technology and write a blog post about it. Some things I researched were where the conflict minerals came from, what they do in the technology, and what their abbreviations are. We had our librarian come in one lesson to help us tell the difference between a website with useful information and a website with no good information.

Science blog post

Self management

Self management is very important for me to improve on because sometimes I feel like I forget all about it and fool around with my friends at the wrong times. But, in some subjects I managed to manage myself. One subject I did good on self management was music. I was new to koto this year, and I had to learn a 7 minute song that was at a 7th grade level. To make sure I can play it swiftly, I had to manage myself to practice a lot so I can play as well as my classmates. Because I did, I did well on performance night. One other thing I did well on was criterion D design. I was sick for a week, and when I came to class for the first time after I was sick I was behind. With self management, I stayed on task during class time and caught up with everybody else.

Koto performance

design work


The last ATL skill that I will be telling you about today is thinking. I used a lot of thinking in a lot of subjects. An example of one time I used thinking was when we had to make a comic about a renaissance man in I&S. A part of the comic that we had to make was about our renaissance man going into the future. Because it did not happen in real life, we had to think about it ourselves. My person was Leonardo Da Vinci, and because he likes art, I thought he would be interested in modern graffiti. One other thing that I think I did good on was a video I made for english. We had to take a scene from a play we read together in class, and then make a video about what the scene would look like if the perspective had changed. We had to think a lot about this because we needed to find a way that we could show what the new perspective was in our video. We changed our perspective from sad to angry, and to show it we used filters and changed our voices when we spoke.

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