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Congo’s direct connection to our technologies

The technology I have decided to research about is an iPad. An iPad is produced by Apple,Inc and has a cost of 499~699 USD. An iPad a piece of device, being┬ácapable as a communication device, and easier for efficient typing,… Continue Reading →

Expedition Reflection

During the expeditions, I learnt a lot of cool and handy knowledge about communities and several activities, and also faced several challenges during the week. Some things I enjoyed during the expeditions was the food, and mountain biking and lastly,… Continue Reading →

Reflection on Dragon Day

    DRAGON DAYS REFLECTION Designing our project was… This was a little challenging due to the distractions, but it was very exciting as we got to come up with our own ideas for how to help the YIS community…. Continue Reading →

Self Reflection-Portrait Critique (Art)

The subject of my portrait is my sister. I chose my sister as the subject of my painting because she may be related to me and I know a lot about her, but also because she gives me a different… Continue Reading →

Movie Trailer Reflection

During my recording I focused on dialogue grabs as my character ‘Rose”; a bipolar with mean comments towards the other characters, such as when she answered the house owner ” I hope you die in this forest, when I burn… Continue Reading →

Unit 2 Art Reflection

I think I did well overall with this project when carving my design, as my motif was a bit complicated with many small details within in it (especially the moon), and I think I was able to show my carvings… Continue Reading →

English Film/Photography Studies

In English class we discussed about our new unit of basic film techniques, and learned about different angles and techniques for when filming or photo-taking. Today we went up to the roof for a photography session to get to know… Continue Reading →

Improv Tournament Relflection

During my performance I offered my ‘mom’ to slow down the car as I began feeling queasy with the motion sickness and threw up in the car. I used acceptance in my performance at times such as accepting the idea… Continue Reading →

Offer & Accept – Reflection

Improvisation is creating/performing without preparation or practice. ‘Always accept, don’t block’ is when one person offers something to the other person, and the other person having to accept the offer. ┬áThis is important because it helps create a scene, and… Continue Reading →

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