Goal one: Get stuff done when I want it to. To do this I have to tell myself there are consequences if I don’t like for instance I am not allowed to go on youtube if I do not complete the assignment.

Goal two: look more into topics that we are doing in school. Discuss current topics at home (maybe at dinner) and look up related info on videos or articles.


Limit my time watching random stuff on Youtube until homework and chores are complete.

My UN reflection

After hearing everyone opinions and ideas, my thoughts still go with the fact that we should make a counsel or group in order to further discuss what countries can do to help. I found there opinions interesting but giving 1 percent of the GDP of every MEDC country to all the LEDC country .

Toby’s Les résultats de ma recherche sur la Côte d’Ivoire

  • What types of food products are specific to Côte d’Ivoire?

Côte d’Ivoire is known for having lots of coffee beans and is the worlds leading producer of cocoa and is is one of Africa’s largest exporters of palm oil and pineapples.

  • How are these food products used in the Ivorian diet?

Well the Senufo peoples live in the country’s northern savanna (treeless plain) and They cultivate rice, yams, peanuts, and millet (a type of grain). Rice with a peppery peanut sauce is often enjoyed by the Senufo people. The Dioula of the far northwest depend on their cultivation of rice, millet, and peanuts to survive, while the Kulango people of the north, who are mostly farmers, grow and eat yams, corn, peanuts and watermelons. Those living near the coast enjoy a wide variety of seafood.

  • Which dishes are specific to Côte d’Ivoire?

There national dish is fufu (FOO-fue), plantains, cassava, or yams pounded into a sticky dough and served with a seasoned meat (often chicken) and vegetable sauce called kedjenou (KED-gen-ooh). As with most meals, it is typically eaten with the hands, rather than utensils. Kedjenou is most often prepared from peanuts, eggplant, okra, or tomatoes.

  • Give an example of a specific recipe with its picture and the ingredients used. Please provide some background information about this recipe.


  • 2½ cups cassava (also called manioc or yucca); do not use very center of cassava
  • 5 plantains; do not use very center of plantains


  1. Prepare the cassava and plantains by peeling them, slicing them lengthwise, and removing the woody core. Then cut the cassava and plantains into chunks and place in a large saucepan. Cover with water.
  2. Heat the water to boiling, and then lower heat to simmer. Simmer the cassava and plantains until tender (about 20 minutes). Drain.
  3. Return the pan to low heat and pound, mash, and stir the mixture, using a wooden spoon or potato masher. Add a sprinkling of water to keep the mixture from sticking. Continue pounding and mashing for 15 minutes, until the mixture is smooth.
  4. Form into balls and serve.

Makes 3 fufu balls.

  • Answer the factual question: “Is the Ivorian diet a healthy one?”

Yes it is because they eat lots of vegetables and lots of fruits.

  • Answer to the conceptual question: “Is our diet influenced by our culture? In other words, how much the Ivorian culture has shaped its diet. For example, did you find that as a former French colony it has adopted some French food products or adopted the French way of eating?

Well yes the Ivorian culture has shaped they eat however I did not find much french influence in it apart from the french names in foods.

  • Give a personal response to the debatable question: “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are” in the context of Côte d’Ivoire. In other words, in your own view how is it important to eat good food in order to be healthy and fit?

It is important to eat well so we can live longer and have our bodies very well equipped to deal with diseases and heath problems.

Chicken wing Dissection

Which muslces need to contract to extend the wing?

I believe it is the tricep and the ulna.

Does the suface feel smooth? what other observations can you make about the chicken wing compered to a human arm?

The surface feels smooth because the joints have to move and the bones Intact with the muscles so they have to be smooth. the muscle system that moves the chicken wing is very similar to that of a chickens.

Write a paragraph to describe how the components of the chicken wing function together. Use terminology.

the bones make the wing of the chicken strong and stable. the muscles like the tricep and the bicep apply power to the wing so that the wing can allow the creature to move and should make the chicken fly (however due to the fact of evolution and probably human intervention the chicken is to heavy to fly). the joints allow the chicken wing to move around smoothly.

Identify the similarities and differences that can be observed between a chicken wing and a human arm.

for the most part the chicken wing and the human arm are nearly identical the bicep and tricep is the same, the bone structure is strikingly similar. The only difference I can tell is that there is a muscle or tendon connecting from the shoulder to the wrist and the fingers on where the hand should be are fused to be stronger.

Suggest how is the chicken wing structure adapted for flight.

the muscle connecting the shoulder to the wrist provides stability and makes the wing stronger and more secure.

Suggest how the human arm structure adapted for lifting objects.

the human arm is built like a 3 class lever the elbow is the fulcrum, the bicep and the tricep is the force and the forearm is the lever.

french chapter 7

1) Isabelle’s family
2) Isabelle has one brother named Alexandre
3) she has 3 cousins.
4) she has an aunt, grand parents, and her parents
5) I think that she likes the but she thinks they can be a bit annoying at times. I can tell this is the case because her brother can be a bit annoying.


1) B
2) A
3) C
4) D

1)Je peux… ?
3)Elle est adorable.
Elle est très intelligente.
4)Ce sont…
5)Il/Elle a… ans.
6)Il est parfois pénible. Ils sont heureux.

Ma famille sont similaire la famille d’Isabelle parce que, ma famille sont les ennuyeux et ma famille sont amusement. la famille d’isabelle sont les ennuyeux et la famille d’isabelle sont amusement.

Toby’s Paragraph about what started the Industrial Revolution.

what started the Industrial Revolution?

I think that the thing that really started the Industrial revolution was the boost in agriculture. With the new crop rotation and fertilisers there was a lot more food to go around that meant less work  and not needing as many people working on the farms.

So people could go and do other things like building inventions and more food meant less people dying of famine so those extra people could do more jobs as well as inventing things like the steam engine, build a mine to get coal, build an iron smeltery to smelt iron, build a railway or build useful machines.

Puppet work shop

I think something i enjoyed doing with lee randall was the bit with the eye puppets. I liked how he taught us how to make our puppets act life like. It was cool we got to make them act a bit like kermit the frog. I think in the end our puppets did end up pretty cool and quite funny.

Grade 7 ATL skills


I have had a good first semester and I am very proud of my improvements. I am especially proud of the following ATLs: Thinking, Communication, Research and Social Skills. However I will also talk about Self-management, which I need to work on.



In design I am good at gathering and organizing relevant information. An example of this is when I collected data for my kool-Aid man project.

In science I feel that I am good at interpreting the data and drawing reasonable conclusions. An example of this would be any of the labs we have covered this term.

In an Individuals and Societies I can draw conclusions and develop opposing arguments effectively. My recent Renaissance project allowed to me to research deeply into Federico da Montefeltro so that I could develop opposing arguments and draw conclusions.


In English I really enjoy looking at both sides, so that I can develop understandings of both the protagonist and the antagonist in stories. Like the story “Two weeks with the Queen” .



In mathematics I can propose and evaluate varying solutions. A good example of this is when I work with others to solve problems. A good example of this is the recent “Pythagoras in the real World”.




One of my strong ATLs is communication in English. I am especially proud of my intercultural understanding of works to interpret them and I am able to communicate them in different ways.

I enjoy writing French for different purposes such as describing different characters as well as myself. An example of this was my recent work with Asterix and Calvin Hobbes

In Music my communication skills allow me to use a variety of media to communicate large range of ideas. The recent musical interpretation of Gravity Falls.





In Drama I use a variety of speaking techniques to communicate with different audiences. As well as Drama class, I was also in the school play, which allowed me to extend this skill beyond the class room.




In individuals and societies I get the chance to access information to be informed and inform others I would like to use the same example again as above from the Renaissance. One of the best sites I used was http://www.le-marche.com/Marche/html/montefel.htm, as it gave the information I need and it had good references to back up the research.

In design, I get to use my research skills to present information in a variety of formats. I really like and appreciate the way the project is shared with us, through a slide presentation, as that always gives me lots of ideas. 



In Tutor class, I think I can highlight my social skills I think I’m empathetic to others I’m trying to be a good listening to everyone. An example of my empathy was recently told to me, when I went out of my way the hug a student that was leaving.

Within PE I tried to work collaboratively as much as possible.



The ATL skill, I think I need to work at the most, is my self management. I knowI am not very good at concentrating or staying on task and I need improve this. This is especially obvious in French when I find the task, I am sorry to say boring. I have found a way to improve my concentration, which is to use a timer, which allows me to concentrate for periods of time and then take a break. I like it, as it is big and easy to use.


So my biggest goal is to be more on task. One of the ways I hope to do this, is to extend the timer gaps to have less breaks. Hopefully by the end of 7th grade, I can get to 30 minutes or more of fully concentrating at a time.