french chapter 7

1) Isabelle’s family
2) Isabelle has one brother named Alexandre
3) she has 3 cousins.
4) she has an aunt, grand parents, and her parents
5) I think that she likes the but she thinks they can be a bit annoying at times. I can tell this is the case because her brother can be a bit annoying.


1) B
2) A
3) C
4) D

1)Je peux… ?
3)Elle est adorable.
Elle est très intelligente.
4)Ce sont…
5)Il/Elle a… ans.
6)Il est parfois pénible. Ils sont heureux.

Ma famille sont similaire la famille d’Isabelle parce que, ma famille sont les ennuyeux et ma famille sont amusement. la famille d’isabelle sont les ennuyeux et la famille d’isabelle sont amusement.

Toby’s Paragraph about what started the Industrial Revolution.

what started the Industrial Revolution?

I think that the thing that really started the Industrial revolution was the boost in agriculture. With the new crop rotation and fertilisers there was a lot more food to go around that meant less work  and not needing as many people working on the farms.

So people could go and do other things like building inventions and more food meant less people dying of famine so those extra people could do more jobs as well as inventing things like the steam engine, build a mine to get coal, build an iron smeltery to smelt iron, build a railway or build useful machines.

Puppet work shop

I think something i enjoyed doing with lee randall was the bit with the eye puppets. I liked how he taught us how to make our puppets act life like. It was cool we got to make them act a bit like kermit the frog. I think in the end our puppets did end up pretty cool and quite funny.

Grade 7 ATL skills


I have had a good first semester and I am very proud of my improvements. I am especially proud of the following ATLs: Thinking, Communication, Research and Social Skills. However I will also talk about Self-management, which I need to work on.



In design I am good at gathering and organizing relevant information. An example of this is when I collected data for my kool-Aid man project.

In science I feel that I am good at interpreting the data and drawing reasonable conclusions. An example of this would be any of the labs we have covered this term.

In an Individuals and Societies I can draw conclusions and develop opposing arguments effectively. My recent Renaissance project allowed to me to research deeply into Federico da Montefeltro so that I could develop opposing arguments and draw conclusions.


In English I really enjoy looking at both sides, so that I can develop understandings of both the protagonist and the antagonist in stories. Like the story “Two weeks with the Queen” .



In mathematics I can propose and evaluate varying solutions. A good example of this is when I work with others to solve problems. A good example of this is the recent “Pythagoras in the real World”.




One of my strong ATLs is communication in English. I am especially proud of my intercultural understanding of works to interpret them and I am able to communicate them in different ways.

I enjoy writing French for different purposes such as describing different characters as well as myself. An example of this was my recent work with Asterix and Calvin Hobbes

In Music my communication skills allow me to use a variety of media to communicate large range of ideas. The recent musical interpretation of Gravity Falls.





In Drama I use a variety of speaking techniques to communicate with different audiences. As well as Drama class, I was also in the school play, which allowed me to extend this skill beyond the class room.




In individuals and societies I get the chance to access information to be informed and inform others I would like to use the same example again as above from the Renaissance. One of the best sites I used was, as it gave the information I need and it had good references to back up the research.

In design, I get to use my research skills to present information in a variety of formats. I really like and appreciate the way the project is shared with us, through a slide presentation, as that always gives me lots of ideas. 



In Tutor class, I think I can highlight my social skills I think I’m empathetic to others I’m trying to be a good listening to everyone. An example of my empathy was recently told to me, when I went out of my way the hug a student that was leaving.

Within PE I tried to work collaboratively as much as possible.



The ATL skill, I think I need to work at the most, is my self management. I knowI am not very good at concentrating or staying on task and I need improve this. This is especially obvious in French when I find the task, I am sorry to say boring. I have found a way to improve my concentration, which is to use a timer, which allows me to concentrate for periods of time and then take a break. I like it, as it is big and easy to use.


So my biggest goal is to be more on task. One of the ways I hope to do this, is to extend the timer gaps to have less breaks. Hopefully by the end of 7th grade, I can get to 30 minutes or more of fully concentrating at a time.

Mining for mobiles conflict minerals in the Congo

There are tons of minerals that make up your phone but what are they? where do they come from?

The most important minerals in electronics are the tg’s otherwise known as tantalum, tungsten, tin and gold. These minerals are responsible for how electronics work. but these minerals are not very common so in order to mass produce phones we have to mine a lot of them and the countries with these minerals are ether really rich or very poor because the value of these minerals cause people to fight over them and the best example of this is the east Congo. Even though the Congo is one of the richest countries in natural resources it is one of the poorest and most conflict ridden countries because of those minerals people fight over it so barely any of the money generated from the mines goes to the people working there. It goes to the people running the mines and Most people working in the mines at the Congo have to work in dangerous conditions for long hours and the mines are sometimes run by rebel groups and those are much worse. The government in the Congo has issues as well because a lot of the officials there a corrupt and the rebels are worse they use the money from the mines to supply and get mines to get more money for guns.

What could we do differently in schools to help solve this problem?

One solution is that we could recycle old electronics for the minerals. This could save some money and it could help reduce the amount of minerals coming from the Congo therefore reducing the money going to the rebels. Another solution is to raise awareness about these problems by making posters and websites. This would raise awareness of the problem and might get people to send help. It could also bring up solutions to solve the conflicts there.


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reflecting on unit

how much do you know about the subject before we started?

I knew how empires worked and i also know a lot about history and political systems so yeah i knew a lot which helped me do this very easily.

What was especially satisfying to me about either the process or the finished product?

the satisfying thing to me about the finished product was that it was finally done and that i could be proud of my accomplishment. My presentation was also was really detailed and good so i was satisfied with my work. It was Also satisfying because i got a good grade.

Did you do your work the way other people did theirs?

Yes, we researched our project and recorded our research on a document and put them on a presentation and recorded them.

What would you change if you had a chance to do this piece over again?

I would shorten the amount of time researching our piece because if we did not spend so much time i think we could have done the presentation better.