Art refection

Photo on 12-16-15 at 12.53 PM #3


 Photo on 12-16-15 at 12.55 PM #2


Criterion A

This unit I have learned how to use the value scale to help me draw. At the beginning of the unit I was terrible at drawing 3 dimensional pictures. But as I practiced drawing and learned how to use the value scale, it became draw my face. Along with Value scale, I think that my use of Shadow became very good or great compared to my first self portrait. This helped my picture look more realistic.

Criterion C

I think one of the best decisions I made was when I was measuring the picture. I trusted my measurements and used previous advice to help me draw the basics of my portrait. One problem was the amount time I had. So I had to work quickly but efficiently. Another problem was that my head was little too big, so I had to make my facial features a little bigger as well.

Criterion D

I think my self portrait represents me a lot and shows great detail of how long I had to work on it, and the mistakes I made which I had to fix. I think it expresses my identity, as it shows the ability to fix you mistakes. I think if I showed this to someone else, they would recognise it as me. I think the image makes me look like a person who puts a lot of work into things. Truth be told,art means different things to different people and no one else understands it the portrait the artist does.

Approaches to Learning

Collaboration is a skill I wish to improve on in Art. There was very little working with the others in this project, but I’d hope there was. So in a future project I hope to work with others to produce a collaborative art work.



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