Art reflection.

The person i chose for my portrait is my dad because he has always influenced me in ways that i can not describe for this reason i chose him for my portrait. I express for him that he has a love for math and teaching and in the background i have hidden a aeroplane symbolising that he travels a lot. I have also hidden the volcano mount fuji to symbolize that he has an personality like it he is quite fun but if you mess with him he gets a bit angry.

I used color’s like the color’s of his shirt(orange and blue) to say that he is a happy person well most of the time. I also used symbols like the clouds that are covering a bit of the sun to express his personality because the clouds covering part of the sun mean that he is not always happy and the mood of the painting to say that he fells happy most of the time. My influence for my portrait was from leonardo da vinci because his portraits were often never truly understood plus his portraits were very life like. I used my influence from leonardo da vinci to express the mood of my dad and so other people can get a good impression of him as a person.



Audio movie trailer refection

We had a good time making the trailer and practicing our parts. We had to be quick so we do not get left behind. I my self had a good time being the evil villain in the story so i could do very cool voices. I also had a good time looking at trailers so i could find what made them good. A thing we could have improved upon was our paying attention skills and making our voices a bit louder. So besides that i think we did a pretty good job.