My Opinion on the nature vs nurture argument

My opinion on the nature vs nurture argument is that while nature can dictate how we can behave, due to that fact on much we rely on learning experience to shape our understanding. I would have to say that nurture is the more powerful force because if a baby from china was raised to be a native American. He would grow up thinking he is native American, even though he is ethnically Chinese. He would act and use the same customs as well as habits of a native American. The reason for this is if all this person knows and think like a normal native American then he wouldn’t have any idea of being anything else. His genetics would not really play a part in his behavior as the differences in physique and intellect would be non existent.

So that is my opinion.

One thought on “My Opinion on the nature vs nurture argument

  1. The example of the Chinese baby growing up in America is a powerful one because it’s a very simple way of pointing out that a creature’s behaviour will mimic the behaviour/environment it has grown up around.

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