Art reflection.

The person i chose for my portrait is my dad because he has always influenced me in ways that i can not describe for this reason i chose him for my portrait. I express for him that he has a love for math and teaching and in the background i have hidden a aeroplane symbolising that he travels a lot. I have also hidden the volcano mount fuji to symbolize that he has an personality like it he is quite fun but if you mess with him he gets a bit angry.

I used color’s like the color’s of his shirt(orange and blue) to say that he is a happy person well most of the time. I also used symbols like the clouds that are covering a bit of the sun to express his personality because the clouds covering part of the sun mean that he is not always happy and the mood of the painting to say that he fells happy most of the time. My influence for my portrait was from leonardo da vinci because his portraits were often never truly understood plus his portraits were very life like. I used my influence from leonardo da vinci to express the mood of my dad and so other people can get a good impression of him as a person.



Art refection

Photo on 4-29-16 at 9.49 AM

(1) In Paragraph 1 you evaluate your process and artwork.

  • STRENGTHS: What did you do very well? What ideas and solutions are you proud of? I am proud of making sore that it all fit together so it would not look like a kindergartner made it from scratch.
  • WEAKNESSES: What would you do differently if you did this project again? How would you change your motif? I would make sure i did not have to much or to little ink and i would change the motif by making it look more interesting by adding a little more of what i like so it looks better.

(2) In Paragraph 2 you explain your creative thinking.

  • Choose one of these examples: solving a problem, experimenting with sketching, using imagination, visualizing an alternative possibility, thinking independently, attempting an unusual solution or idea, considering another perspective. I was good with experimenting with sketching because if i was not good at it i would have a terrible looking motif that did not fit together well.
  • Explain how it helped you develop your project ideas. It helped develop my project by improve each design so it would look cooler and better.

(3) In Paragraph 3 you explain the cultural influence and the personal interest that you included in your artwork.

  • What is your cultural influence? What is your personal interest? Describe them in detail. My cultural influence was from egypt and the native americans and my personal interest came from my love of history.
  • Why did you choose them?  I chose them because there patterns were unique and interesting.
  • Why are they important to you? Be specific! Because they are unique and wonderful patterns.

(4) In Paragraph 4 you evaluate your artwork’s elements (lines, shapes, colors) and principles (pattern, unity).

  • Describe the types of lines and shapes you used in your artwork. Name them. I used triangle, squares, ovales and rectangles.
  • Describe the colors you used in your artwork. Name them. Why did you choose these colors? I used red ink and dark blue ,pink ,light blue, green, black, orange, greenish blue, brown and light pink paper.
  • Did you create a unified pattern with your color plan? Is it ordered or random? it’s random.
  • Is your artwork interlocking? How accurate is your interlocking? My art is interlocking but due to some printing messes it’s just a little inaccurate though it still interlocks.

Art refection

Photo on 12-16-15 at 12.53 PM #3


 Photo on 12-16-15 at 12.55 PM #2


Criterion A

This unit I have learned how to use the value scale to help me draw. At the beginning of the unit I was terrible at drawing 3 dimensional pictures. But as I practiced drawing and learned how to use the value scale, it became draw my face. Along with Value scale, I think that my use of Shadow became very good or great compared to my first self portrait. This helped my picture look more realistic.

Criterion C

I think one of the best decisions I made was when I was measuring the picture. I trusted my measurements and used previous advice to help me draw the basics of my portrait. One problem was the amount time I had. So I had to work quickly but efficiently. Another problem was that my head was little too big, so I had to make my facial features a little bigger as well.

Criterion D

I think my self portrait represents me a lot and shows great detail of how long I had to work on it, and the mistakes I made which I had to fix. I think it expresses my identity, as it shows the ability to fix you mistakes. I think if I showed this to someone else, they would recognise it as me. I think the image makes me look like a person who puts a lot of work into things. Truth be told,art means different things to different people and no one else understands it the portrait the artist does.

Approaches to Learning

Collaboration is a skill I wish to improve on in Art. There was very little working with the others in this project, but I’d hope there was. So in a future project I hope to work with others to produce a collaborative art work.