Puppet work shop

I think something i enjoyed doing with lee randall was the bit with the eye puppets. I liked how he taught us how to make our puppets act life like. It was cool we got to make them act a bit like kermit the frog. I think in the end our puppets did end up pretty cool and quite funny.

Audio movie trailer refection

We had a good time making the trailer and practicing our parts. We had to be quick so we do not get left behind. I my self had a good time being the evil villain in the story so i could do very cool voices. I also had a good time looking at trailers so i could find what made them good. A thing we could have improved upon was our paying attention skills and making our voices a bit louder. So besides that i think we did a pretty good job.

Important person speech Refection

I think that my speech was good because I had good posture and I was confident in my abilities to have a good speech. Another reason why my speech was good is that I could relate to the audience so they liked it and i think that they will appreciate there dads more now because of my speech. I think I could have done a bit better with how clearly i said my speech. All and all my speech was very good.




Improv tournament reflection

6A Drama: Improv Tournament1 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

How did I use offer and acceptance in your improvisation?

We had to except what the other person had said so it could not cause problems. During tournament we would have to be prepared to start and stop talking. So we would not get out.

In what ways could I improve my performance?

Since we got a very good score it is hard to say, how we could improve, however I feel that I could have made it easier for others, if I made my transitions clearer.

How could I use the skills of this game for performance?

I could probably use this, to ad-lib if someone goes off script.

Criteria (rate each criteria out of 8)Rate yourself out of 8, be honest!

You will always offer ideas and accept other’s ideas.  – 7

You will always share the story/scene with other players. – 8

You will always name the object or introduce the situation so other players understand. -6

You will always keep the story going to a logical conclusion. -6

You will always create and keep being a believable character in a place that matches the character – 6

Toby’s drama offer and accept scene

6A Drama- Offer Accept Scene3 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

1. What is improvisation?

Improvisation is making things up as you continue the story that make sense and is good

2. Explain these four concepts and why they are important improvisation

-Always accept, don’t block because you need to except what the other person has said or else your story will go like this (you have a chicken on your head! No i don’t says the other person)

-Name it because the audience needs to know what is you are talking about.
-Share the story because if you just focus the story about your self then it will be very boring story.
-Stay in character because if you suddenly changed character then the audience would be very confused and the story won’t make sense.

3. How did I use offer and acceptance in your improvisation?

I agreed with my partner what was going on and what to do so we have a good story.

4.In what ways could I improve my performance and my improv skills?

by listening to others and being more in character.