My Opinion on the nature vs nurture argument

My opinion on the nature vs nurture argument is that while nature can dictate how we can behave, due to that fact on much we rely on learning experience to shape our understanding. I would have to say that nurture is the more powerful force because if a baby from china was raised to be a native American. He would grow up thinking he is native American, even though he is ethnically Chinese. He would act and use the same customs as well as habits of a native American. The reason for this is if all this person knows and think like a normal native American then he wouldn’t have any idea of being anything else. His genetics would not really play a part in his behavior as the differences in physique and intellect would be non existent.

So that is my opinion.

My UN reflection

After hearing everyone opinions and ideas, my thoughts still go with the fact that we should make a counsel or group in order to further discuss what countries can do to help. I found there opinions interesting but giving 1 percent of the GDP of every MEDC country to all the LEDC country .

Toby’s Paragraph about what started the Industrial Revolution.

what started the Industrial Revolution?

I think that the thing that really started the Industrial revolution was the boost in agriculture. With the new crop rotation and fertilisers there was a lot more food to go around that meant less work  and not needing as many people working on the farms.

So people could go and do other things like building inventions and more food meant less people dying of famine so those extra people could do more jobs as well as inventing things like the steam engine, build a mine to get coal, build an iron smeltery to smelt iron, build a railway or build useful machines.

reflecting on unit

how much do you know about the subject before we started?

I knew how empires worked and i also know a lot about history and political systems so yeah i knew a lot which helped me do this very easily.

What was especially satisfying to me about either the process or the finished product?

the satisfying thing to me about the finished product was that it was finally done and that i could be proud of my accomplishment. My presentation was also was really detailed and good so i was satisfied with my work. It was Also satisfying because i got a good grade.

Did you do your work the way other people did theirs?

Yes, we researched our project and recorded our research on a document and put them on a presentation and recorded them.

What would you change if you had a chance to do this piece over again?

I would shorten the amount of time researching our piece because if we did not spend so much time i think we could have done the presentation better.