Chicken wing Dissection

Which muslces need to contract to extend the wing?

I believe it is the tricep and the ulna.

Does the suface feel smooth? what other observations can you make about the chicken wing compered to a human arm?

The surface feels smooth because the joints have to move and the bones Intact with the muscles so they have to be smooth. the muscle system that moves the chicken wing is very similar to that of a chickens.

Write a paragraph to describe how the components of the chicken wing function together. Use terminology.

the bones make the wing of the chicken strong and stable. the muscles like the tricep and the bicep apply power to the wing so that the wing can allow the creature to move and should make the chicken fly (however due to the fact of evolution and probably human intervention the chicken is to heavy to fly). the joints allow the chicken wing to move around smoothly.

Identify the similarities and differences that can be observed between a chicken wing and a human arm.

for the most part the chicken wing and the human arm are nearly identical the bicep and tricep is the same, the bone structure is strikingly similar. The only difference I can tell is that there is a muscle or tendon connecting from the shoulder to the wrist and the fingers on where the hand should be are fused to be stronger.

Suggest how is the chicken wing structure adapted for flight.

the muscle connecting the shoulder to the wrist provides stability and makes the wing stronger and more secure.

Suggest how the human arm structure adapted for lifting objects.

the human arm is built like a 3 class lever the elbow is the fulcrum, the bicep and the tricep is the force and the forearm is the lever.

Mining for mobiles conflict minerals in the Congo

There are tons of minerals that make up your phone but what are they? where do they come from?

The most important minerals in electronics are the tg’s otherwise known as tantalum, tungsten, tin and gold. These minerals are responsible for how electronics work. but these minerals are not very common so in order to mass produce phones we have to mine a lot of them and the countries with these minerals are ether really rich or very poor because the value of these minerals cause people to fight over them and the best example of this is the east Congo. Even though the Congo is one of the richest countries in natural resources it is one of the poorest and most conflict ridden countries because of those minerals people fight over it so barely any of the money generated from the mines goes to the people working there. It goes to the people running the mines and Most people working in the mines at the Congo have to work in dangerous conditions for long hours and the mines are sometimes run by rebel groups and those are much worse. The government in the Congo has issues as well because a lot of the officials there a corrupt and the rebels are worse they use the money from the mines to supply and get mines to get more money for guns.

What could we do differently in schools to help solve this problem?

One solution is that we could recycle old electronics for the minerals. This could save some money and it could help reduce the amount of minerals coming from the Congo therefore reducing the money going to the rebels. Another solution is to raise awareness about these problems by making posters and websites. This would raise awareness of the problem and might get people to send help. It could also bring up solutions to solve the conflicts there.


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